Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Balls

Blue Balls

I've been picking through the old abandoned house at the head of the lane where I walk every day - just to the right on the corner of the lane featured here.  I plan to go back and do some more American style picking over.  I brought home three blue Ball jars.  Mom tells me they are quite collectible.  I'm not interested in selling them. All I could think of was how lovely they would be with light shining through them.  Today's attempt is I'm certain the first of may studies I will do on this subject.

I really need to take a day off from picture taking and get some work done - yes work work.  For my own sanity I don't want to face Monday morning with all that is looming on my head looming still.  I don't know how much I'll get done and I'll have to resist the temptation to bring the camera out or start perusing photos in need of work.

The moon is full and beautiful over at my parents farm this evening.  I ran home for my tripod and my powerful zoom, hoping to get some good shots.  I framed it up nicely and nothing happened.  Battery dead.


So, here's what I'll do.  I will work really really hard to get my work related work done early and then I'll have time to go catch the moon in the evening.  Praying the weather cooperates.  The moon rises perfectly behind the old oak tree that carries so much meaning to my boys.  I hope I can get it for him.  It would be lovely to send to Adam in Afghanistan.


  1. Enjoyed looking through your Flickr link. I love photography too!! Laughed one place where saw you say you needed an intervention..... You should see the mess that i can make in my little creating space. Just got a new D7000 NIKON and have been having a blast with it. Also, got a new lens which is super, the 70/200 2.8. Just love it. Also just found another persons textures which are quite nice in conjunction with Kim Klassen. They are called Elementopea.... and did my blog entry today on 9/11 using one of those textures. Good luck with your blog. Jeanne

  2. Yea, an intervention is definitely necessary. Working on my blog was not the work I was talking about doing today...but guess what I'm doing? LOL

  3. Love everything about this shot..the light..color..and a feeling of long ago times.

  4. Wonderful shot and grunge textures. The blue-green colors is so lovely.

    Regards :)


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