Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am the Photographer!

Everyone Loves Coneflowers

At The Inspiration Studio yesterday, they were discussing favorite things to photograph. Butterflies have been a recurring theme for me this summer and I collected them all into a flickr set here. There are actually so many more I haven't had a chance to work with just yet, so my collection will be growing.

Flowers are also among my favorite things, although I am surprised at the diversity of subjects I want to photograph. Coneflowers have about as much exposure on flickr as Angelina Jolie in Us Magazine, but I had this one in my archives and decided to see what I could do with it.

I wanted to share the funny experience I had at Walgreen's yesterday when I went to pick up some prints. I had taken one of my boyfriend and his son.  They were standing in front of an ugly cinder block wall. So, with Photoshop and some cloud rendering I made the wall look more like a studio backdrop.

The photo tech at Walgreens told me that I could not reproduce this photo without written permission from the photographer.

"I am the Photographer!" I exclaimed. I don't believe I've ever called myself "the photographer" out loud. It still feels weird calling myself a photographer, much less the photographer.

Then I went on to explain that I had just Photoshopped the background. He acted like he didn't believe me, but then had me sign some sort of form swearing copyright to the image.

Tickled that I'd done a good enough job with it to pull off the studio look, I humbly told him I was worried about how it would print out since this was the first time I'd done something like this.

Then he looked at the pictures again and started in with, "a few suggestions...." He proceed to bestow upon me Photoshop advice about using layers and how I should always work with layers. He kept repeating it really slow like I was a kindergartner or mentally slow. Laaaaaayerrrrrrs. He followed with what came across as a superior sneer stating, "I do this for a living."


Geez. I had no idea.


  1. This one has me laughing! So funny that he had to bestow his expertise on you!

    You are an excellent photographer, by the way.

  2. The story made me smile. LeAnne you are a photographer and do excellent work. Does it make you smile to see how many experts are out there!!

  3. Forgot to say I never tire of seeing coneflowers.. love.. love them.

  4. Beautiful LAAAAYERRRING job with this coneflower. Are you sure that you understand how to do this now??? Love your blog and think you are doing a great job! Jeanne http://thebutterflymetamorphosis.blogspot.com

  5. oh, and doesn't it feel AMAZING to be THE PHOTOGRAPHER. How much fun it is..... no time leftover for my real job. Jeanne

  6. It took me forever to be able to say I'm a writer, but I never had anyone tell me I couldn't print what I wrote. ;->

    You are a superb photographer LeAnne, and can not go forth and tell everyone you meet that you are.

    Gotta love those folks who think there is no one as bright as they are! Hmmm, sometimes I am one of them. lol

  7. * and I'm a lousy editor of my own work!!
    That should be "can now go forth ..."

  8. Gosh this is a work of art!! I love using the French Kiss textures too!

    LOL about the guy at Walgreens (well not really), people like that just burn me up grrrr, sounds like you handled your own!


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