Friday, September 9, 2011

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Today at Shutter Sisters, Kim Klassen encouraged us to recall the moment when our photographic journeys began.  It only took me a few minutes to remember exactly when I ventured out on my first intentional photo-walk and the satisfaction I gleaned not only from the results but the experience itself.

We were having a particularly gorgeous autumn that November in 2005.  Each day while on my routine morning walk I'd been noticing the loveliness of the bold orange and yellow leaves contrasting against the dark asphalt.  I wanted to capture it.  It was just that simple. 

At that point, all I had was a little Nikon point and shoot.  My post processing, if any, was likely done with PaintShop Pro.   Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the results - pleased enough to submit the above shot to the local weatherman who routinely featured weather related photos from local viewers.

I was thrilled to see my image and photo credit on the television screen the very next day and hear the affirming reactions of the rest of the crew at the news desk. Friends and family told me I had the proverbial "eye" and encouraged me to pursue it further.   Still, my interest in photography just simmered on the back burner for years.  I never forgot the meditative, serene feeling I enjoyed during that first photo-walk, nor the joy of experiencing others respond to my work.

It wasn't until 2008 that I bought my first SLR, a Nikon D40, and took it with me on a Caribbean Cruise and had the opportunity to really play with composition. By the spring of 09, I broke my camera and my heart at the same time during a hurried bathroom trip that resulted in me missing the purse hook with my camera strap.  I did without until Christmas that year when my boyfriend upgraded me to a D5000.

In recent months, as Kim Klassen says, my camera has called to me.  Perhaps I just need the distraction from the every day stress of what is happening in my life at the moment.  Whatever the reason, taking photos and working with them to create art has become my port in the storm.

It was internet synchronicity that brought me to this place in my creative journey.  While surfing across my favorite blogs, I happened upon an interview with Brene Brown at Gretchin Rubin's Happiness Project.  Brene's blog ferried me over to the Shutter Sisters who introduced me to Kim Klassen and her wonderful texture love.    That back burner pot quickly reached the boiling point and now I'm taking and processing photos daily.  Every day is a new adventure and inspiration is everywhere I look.  I'm learning and loving every minute of it.

Who knew photography would be my thing?  Whenever I pondered my creative calling,  I always thought it would be writing.  Maybe I can have two things.  Maybe I can have more.  My creative pot boileth over at the moment.  Anything seems possible.

Since I've been contemplating starting a photo blog for some time, a discussion of the beginning seems like a good place to start. So, here we go!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading how your photography journey started out, and of course it has definitely progressed a long ways! Love you photo done today in your post. Everyday can have so much beauty when you have your camera. Have a great day! Jeanne


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