Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Hunt

#83 Your Camera

Notice anything new on my blog?  Look on the menu bar and you'll see I've created a new page entitled "Scavenger Hunt 101." Maybe some of you would like to join me in this.  It sounds fun and lots of inspiration to be had.  This will probably take a year or so to complete as some of the items are seasonal.

I joked to my photo pal Lissa yesterday that we were enabling eachother's addictions by recommending groups and linkups to check out. There's something for every day of the week it seems:  Macro Mondays,  Texture Tuesdays, This or That Thursdays, Photo Art Fridays.

I had to make a spreadsheet just to keep up with what day of the week needs what!  Some days I even double up, as there are lots of date oriented flickr groups such as  Happy Purple Tuesdays and Fence Fridays.

At this point you might be thinking, "well it looks like she's got Wednesdays and the weekends free."  Au contraire, there's all kinds of ongoing monthly projects, challenges and linky parties, some of which open up on Wednesdays or the weekends.  

I keep telling you people I have a problem here.  Pretty soon you are going to believe me.  As the old quip goes, "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm loving every minute of it."   Maybe if I tell people I'm participating in a photo scavenger hunt, I will look less crazy when I'm taking pictures of random objects in strange places.

Today's image is my inaugural contribution to the Scavenger Hunt.  We can go in any order except for the last one, which must be a self portrait.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to start with #83 (Your Camera).  It is actually a bit of a self portrait as well  with a photo me and my boys sitting on the desk in my home office.  I captured the image using my tripod, remote and shooting into the mirrored armoire that is on the opposite wall from my desk.  Of course, I had to flip the image in Photoshop to get the brand on the camera to read left to right.

Time to step away from the computer and take a walk.  Happy Whatever Wednesday!  (Hey, wonder if there is a group that goes by that name?)

PS.  I used French Kiss textures on this one:  "Stone Wall" and "Dahlia"

52 Photos Project
fences and fogSpeaking of Wednesdays, today is the day the weekly linky opens up for 52 Photos Project.  The theme is Along the Fence and I submitted the image at right.  Click on the photo to view it in flickr:


  1. I'm so enjoying your humor in all this obssession!!

  2. That is totally funny and i can so relate to how busy this can make you. I was also , just this morning, thinking of a spread sheet. I do think this could become a true addiction, but is soooooo much fun. Think the scavenger hunt idea is a good line to use when found in strange positions or strange places. Will check that out. It is so much fun though! Love your photo! Jeanne

  3. LeAnne, your first photo for the scavenger hunt is great. I was just thinking today how many textures groups there seem to be. It is a addition ... but a safe and fun one. Enjoy reading your blog and viewing your photos. So looking forward to see what you capture next with your camera.

  4. Thanks Linda...I think I have a big weekend ahead where I can knock a few of these out! Would love to see you all getting in on the hunt with me. :)


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