Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seen on the Wall

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Uncle Don's funeral was yesterday. If there was a silver lining to this sad cloud it was the opportunity to reconnect with family I haven't seen in years.

The reconnecting process had already begun somewhat as a few of us have found and befriended each other on facebook. There was so much conversation about about what we'd observed on our respective "walls," I'm almost certain that some who are not already joined will do so in the near future.

Speaking of walls, one of my cousins came up to me and told me how much she enjoyed my photography and checked every day to see what I've posted. Then she lowered her voice a little bit and whispered, "I have a confession to make....."

She had made a print of one of my photos and it was hanging on her bedroom wall. I guess she felt guilty about doing it, although I'd gladly give her (or anyone in my family) anything she wanted. It hasn't been until recently that I started watermarking the photos I post. The idea that someone would want to print off, display or even take credit for my work seemed too farfetched to be anything but flattering if it should happen.

From what I gathered by her description, the photo she chose to display is the one above. I captured this Monarch butterfly in the swampy area that surrounds the walking trail at the park across the street from my office. I'd noticed them the day before as I walked around with my camera, but couldn't get close enough. The next day I returned with my telephoto lens and my sneakers.

By now I'm getting accustomed to the curious looks of strangers as I shoot, but I have to wonder what the people in my office building thought when I returned still picking stray pieces of dried grass off my black dress slacks - looking a bit sweaty and bedraggled.

My cousin said the photo printed out really well, which shocked me considering she'd blown it up to a 16 x 9 inch print from the low resolution version I'd posted on facebook.

In a funny twist, she told me that the Walgreen's tech gave her a bit of trouble (which required paperwork to be signed) because she didn't have written permission from the the photographer. "You know I'm going to have to blog about this, don't you?" I told her. She laughed and said that was fine. 

The photographer. There's that word again. It kind of has a ring to it.

This claiming of the title sort of of reminds me of Kim Klassen's "I am an Artist" declaration. (Kim's "crackerjack" and "serious magic" textures were used in this image, by the way.)


  1. Love your butterfly. I still have to learn how to keep that Vibrancy in my colors when I add a texture. Alot to learn yet about all of this. Got your comment that you are unable to comment on my Flickr photostream. Have no idea what to do about that. Your blog "inspired " me to add a flickr photostream, and it nearly stumped me on how to do it, but with help from my daughter, finally got it up. When I saw your photostream, which is lovely, I was like DUH, you love photography, you have not done this.... WHY???? Thank you for the boost, and will look and see if I can find out why comments are not available. anyway, again, your photos and blog are all super. Keep up the great work. Sorry about your family member. I did love your video, and know it is fun to reconnect with family. Your blog and facebook are such a great way to do that. Look forward to more of your great posts. Jeanne

  2. Well let me know if you are ever looking for a traveling partner to Italia. What a marvelous opportunity you had to live in Italy. Something to die for. I am planning to go back next spring to something called a lemon cooking vacation in Positano. Cannot wait to take my camera back there. Thank you for you comment on my photo an glad that is working now. Jeanne

  3. Oh wow, I would love to go back. I lived about an hour from Venice for two years and spent one year in Florence. Gosh how I wish digital photography was what it is now when I lived there.

  4. Your story reminds me of my cousin who did the same thing and had my photos going down her hallway. Oh I could only think was how terrible they must have looked because of the small file size.
    I always say as family sometimes we only get together is at weddings and funerals. I like Facebook because it keeps me connected to my nieces & nephews who don't live close up.

    Again must tell you are a great photographer .

  5. Thanks Linda...that was exactly my worry when she said she printed it. I thought it might not turn out right. In fact, I'd processed that one pretty fast and when I went back to look at it, I just had to go back and correct some of the sloppy brushwork. And, yes, Facebook has been wonderful for reconnecting with family and also old friends.


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