Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Take Your Shot


I've been up since 4:00 a.m. and have been peeking out my front window every 15 minutes since my feet hit the floor.  By the looks of things I have about 15 more minutes before I need to set up for the moon shot that has eluded me the past several days.

While I waited, I figured I'd take a stab at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge.  I already had a couple prepared that I will probably contribute at some point as well, but her challenge to incorporate the word "do" into the piece has flummoxed me since she laid it down.

Being mindful of the moon today, I remembered a shot that I'd taken of the Super Moon back in March of this year.  I was pretty pleased with the shot of the moon itself, but it was just a picture of the moon, with no foreground whatsoever.

It was made for Kim's Autumn burst texture and the quote by Leonardo Da Vinci.  When the Super Moon wowed us all last spring, I was dying to capture it.   I quickly realized how hard it was to get the detail of the moon and my telephoto lense just wasn't strong enough.

After watching some tutorials and figuring out a few things about the manual settings on my camera, I ran to Best Buy and bought the best and strongest telephoto lens I could afford - a Nikkor 70-300mm.  It was the minimum necessary, and the maximum for my budget.  To be honest, there were many other ways I could (and should) have spent the money.

But, I was a woman on a mission.  I spent the money and I'm glad I did.  I'm also glad I took this shot and held on to it, even though it wasn't very interesting.  You see, I knew very little about Photoshop back then, and nothing about textures. 

You never know what may come of that photo you take today that's just so so.  Take your shot.

Now, I better get out of here or I'm going to miss mine!


  1. Thank you so much! I clicked on over to your blog and you've done some really lovely work. Joined your blog so I can follow you.

  2. I like this very much, it's so original and I love the quote.

  3. Thank you Anne! I visited your blog, too. I don't understand the language, but I sure do enjoy your work. It is also very original.

  4. Leonardo knew what he was talking about! I love your take on this and how it all came together.

  5. Thanks Pat! It is sentiment I need to remind myself of from time to time.

  6. wonderful end result here! Great words too. (tried to leave a comment on flickr but no message box appeared either time, just wanted you to know in case there's a problem)

  7. Thanks Ruth. A few eople have told me that they had trouble commenting on flickr. It seems to be resolved now. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Great great (great) shot!


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