Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Love What You Love


Today's Texture Tuesday challenge theme is love. Being a bit pressed for time this week, I searched my archives for something fitting the theme. There were a few contenders that I played with for awhile, but then I remembered this photo of a bench at a local state park where I sometimes walk with and without my camera in hand. Someone had heavily carved the words "I Love" in the back of the bench. I loved the way the sunlight was beaming down on the seat, so I shot a picture.

Defacement of government property notwithstanding, I thought the sentiment was lovely and somewhat profound.  There are two ways one could interpret this message:  fill in the blank or just let it stand on its own.  I preferred to go with the latter.

Love is a verb and needs no object.  "I love" is a complete sentence.  Much has been said about love by greater minds and people than I, so I won't pontificate here except to say that as a personal mission statement, it rocks.

Later, while processing image, I noticed something when I enlarged it.  Someone else (presumably later) had come by with a "fill in the blank" idea, and lightly wrote in the word "sex."   I never did anything with the picture because of it.  Although the words "I love" predominate, all I could see after that was the added word glowing like a neon sign in Vegas.   Not that there's anything wrong with sex, but I didn't want anyone get the wrong idea about the statement I was making.

You can see it now, right? Tell me you can see it so I won't worry that I've gone Freudian here on my blog for all to see.

I am now wondering what the mere mention of the word will generate traffic-wise on this blog.

Well, we can't help what we love and sometimes we can't help what we capture on camera. 

For this image, I stuck closely to the theme and used two of Kim's  love inspired textures:  "Love in Layers" and "Ugg Love."   I can't wait to mosey over there and see what love inspired in the TT participants.


  1. Visiting from Texture Tuesdays. You know, I don't think I would have noticed the word "sex" etched in there if I hadn't read your blog. I love your editing on this photo. And perfect choice of textures. Great job.


  2. this is a beautiful shot! i LOVE it :)

  3. What great processing! Sorry, I can't see the word 'sex' ... hmmmm does that say something about you or me? :)

  4. I didn't see the word sex until you wrote about it. I love the idea of 'I Love' standing on it's own too. Something powerful about it. Beautiful capture.

  5. This is an amazing shot!!! Perfect choice!! And I love the processing you did on it. WOW!! :)

  6. That's too funny -- I'm always surprised by what turns up when I finally open the photo on my big computer monitor -- but never anything like that! I have to say though, I don't see it either. I can see that someone tried to write something -- but I can't quite make it out. Love the processing -- nice and vintage/dreamy!

  7. Wonderful image, beautiful texture work!gorgeous...


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