Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Great Find

tree birds

This time, I'm not talking about my scavenger hunt.

Kathy, who blogs at Passion for Photography,commented on my blog the other day that there is indeed a texture "King" online amongst all the lovely ladies I speak of so fondly on this blog.

Jerry Jones, who goes by the flickr name "skeletalmess," reigns over his awesome and popular blog Shadowhouse Creations. His website is chock full of tutorials, textures, masks, brushes and other goodies that he's made available for free.   His copyright and use rules are extremely generous and I look forward to creating with as many of them as possible.

Today's creation is the result of not only his textures, but a step by step tutorial he created on how he used them in a work. I pretty much followed his instructions exactly except for playing with the percentages of the various blending modes.  There's probably four or five textures in this one.

When I shot this tree, with the birds silhouetted against the sky, I thought it was interesting and haunting. Out of the camera, it looked plain and sorta boring.  Texture magic to the rescue again!  NOW it looks like what my brain saw, even if my camera didn't.  The two birds in the tree are original to the photo, and the extra birds flying in the distance were added later courtesy of Jerry's brushes.

The clouds yesterday afternoon were surreal looking as I was driving home at sunset.  I caught the image below out of my car window.  (Don't worry mom, I was at a stop sign and no one was behind me.)  After putting a little Pixel Dust Photo Art on it (Old Master Dust), I was pleased enough to upload it to flickr.  Then I discovered the bird brushes on Jerry's site and with just a few clicks the whole mood changed.

big sky

Jerry is known for his dark, moody and haunting work although he's lightened his mood a bit lately to equally beautiful results.   It is October though and I'm in the mood for dark, moody and haunting.  I may even go Hitchcock on a few with these awesome bird brushes. You'll be seeing a lot of the texture King in my work in the days to come and beyond, I'm sure.

Thanks so much for the tip Kathy!


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  2. Hi LeAnne, wow these are awesome. You are so welcome...isn't his stuff great. Unfortunately I don't have PhotoShop, so I can't use any of his brushes...but hoping to get it soon. I love both shots. You should make cards out of them. Thanks for the shout out to me.

    Bright blessings,

  3. LeAnne, thanks for sharing the info on the Texture "King". Your work made me think Autumn, love the dark rust colors. Hope your weekend has been grand.


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