Monday, October 10, 2011

Creative Exchanges


It is good to see Lisa Gordon's Creative Exchange back in business after being offline last week due to weather related problems. Hers is one of my favorite linkups and it felt like there was a little hole in my week without it. I'm linking up with today's image taken Saturday on my trip back up to the holler with my dad and son. ("Catnip" texture courtesy of French Kiss textures)

 So, yes, I did go.  After a few ibuprofen my back felt better, and the weather was perfect.  My son sealed the deal when he called saying he was going to be able to make it.  You don't miss an opportunity like that.

We had a great day and I got enough pictures to keep me busy processing for weeks!  Some of them will appear this week in various challenges,and several scavenger hunt items came out of this trip as well. Dad and son were very patient with my frequent requests to stop so I could take a shot of this or that, and getting into the act by pointing out good shots that I might have otherwise missed.  I had a very specific scavenger hunt item in mind, a road sign that I'd seen on our previous trips up there.  Dad and I were so busy scouting out shots that we might have missed it if my son had not spotted it.

We came home and mom had cooked us a nice dinner and we were starved.  She surprised me by taking one of my photoart cards I'd printed from Fine Art America and placed it in an antique frame she had sitting around.  It looked really great and she allowed me to "borrow" it for a while. Its going over my bed.  It means a lot to me that my family is getting into the whole photography thing right along with me.  We are creating memories as well as capturing them at the same time.

By Sunday though, I was feeling the pain of my denial.  My body had been telling me to take a break from the computer.  I thought the walk would help, and it probably would have if I'd kept it reasonable.  Traipsing up and down hills, crawling through windows and jumping dry creek beds was a tad bit more than the change in activity my body seemed to be craving.

So, I stayed in on Sunday.  Unable to sit for long periods of time and all those pictures begging (literally calling to me from my hard drive) for attention, I was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.  My photo pal, Lissa Forbes, emailed asking what my plans were for Macro Monday and I was completely blank.  The theme for the week is "obsolete."  You would have thought I'd have found plenty of obsolete things up in the holler, and I did.  I just forgot to take any close-up shots.

At that point in time, the only thing that I could think of that was obsolete was my back.  Then she mentioned someone had submitted a photo of a stereo needle and I had a eureka moment - my parents' Victrola! Just a little creative exchange was all I needed to come up with a cool idea.   I called mom and asked if I could come down and take a few shots.  Fortunately for my back, the processing went quick with the help of Shadowhouse texture "ACT7." Macro Monday - check!

Old Victrola

Happy Macro Monday (or whatever kind of Monday it is to you) to all!


  1. Beautiful light and processing in your thistle capture! The warmth of the Victrola image is perfect for a vintage image!

  2. Each photo is beautiful.
    The first reminds me of a pineapple (my mom loved pineapples for their meaning of hospitality).
    The second speaks to my love of antique equipment and machinery.
    Thank you, thank you.

  3. I like the first photo very much, it is my colors.

  4. Very beautiful love the rich texture and subtle light!

  5. Fantastic work for the Creative Exchange!!

    You have a beautiful blog here!!

  6. Beautiful! Love the light and intensity of both these but that first one is a stunner!

  7. Ok Leanne! What is Macro Monday??? Just posted on i heart macro. Is this something different? Don't want to miss out here. Sorry about your back... for me, sitting at the computer all of these hours is killing my neck. Not much better even though I have lowered my desk chair. How are you liking your fine art america site? I am going to do something like that eventually but not till Jan as I don't want to do something terrible to my income taxes . Probably would have to start paying taxes on the profits for what I myself had purchased. LOL Would love to hear from you on how that site is going for you. At Your work is looking great... think you should be in Artful Blogging by next year or less.... Do you read that... It is super. Glad your family is supportive of all of this, my husband is doing quite well with it too, and my kids are grown, so they just think I have developed an old age obsession, and my husband enjoys the emails I send him. Just got home from my dayjob, so now back to the computer.

  8. I sure hope your back is feeling better soon LeAnne. As one who has back "issues" from time to time, I do know just how much it affects everything you do. You sure captured some wonderful images here though. I love the layers of color in the first one, and I am speechless on the second one. It is AMAZING!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  9. WOW - that is a really nice shot! You really made the texture work.


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