Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heads Up!


There's a bit of synchronicity happening with my usual Wednesday link ups. Not only is it What's Up Wednesday, but the theme for this weeks 52 Photos Project that opens up today is Look Up, What Do You See?"

So this seems like the perfect time to share a few upwardly facing shots that I took while up on the mountain. Today's featured image are a pair of Catalpa trees (I knew this because there was a sign at the base of the trees).  I think their gnarly limbs are particularly interesting silouetted against the blue sky.

As I mentioned yesterday, there was still quite a bit of green still on the trees bu this beauty was really showing her stuff.

orange tree

On this visit to Sewanee, I ventured away from the retreat center for a few hours and visted Abbo's Alley, a ravine garden on the campus of the University of the South. A little "Guide for your Stroll" pamphlet was among the reading materials in the cabin,  and I thought there might be some great photo opportunities.

This was the first time I'd left property while on retreat, but I was feeling a creative boost having just learned that one of my photos was featured on the awesome i-studo blog.(The first time anything like this has happened in my whole, albiet short, blogging career.)

Not only did my little excursion net me some great photos, but I felt pretty darn proud of my geographically impaired self for having actually found the place without an actual physical address to program into my GPS.  I'll share some more of those photos later, but today I'll stick with "up there" theme and leave you with these two shots from my little adventure.

abbos alley trees

going up

52 Photos Project


  1. Happy Wednesday LeAnne. Always love seeing your view of the world.

  2. I was so proud of you when I saw your photo on the i-studio blog! Didn't know you didn't know. Congratulations! Gotta be a great feeling, that.

    We had our first snow today and it's so sad to see all these beautiful fall colors bending under the weight of wet snow. With that said, I got some really neat shots. Will be posting later.

  3. These are very cool photos, Love the light in all of them.

  4. Oh, I love the crimson leaves. They are just so rich. Fantastic shot!!
    Visiting form What's Up Wednesday.


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