Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Capture a Unique Pumpkin

medieval pumpkins

U 'neak up on it! Ok, that is a play on a really old and lame joke, but it is kind of what I did yesterday.

There is a pumpkin sale going on at a major intersection near where I work. I've been wanting to take my camera over there and snap some shots and yesterday seemed as good a day as any.

Down a hill below this corner there is a Walgreens.  I got some really great shots from this  low perspective looking up the hill from the parking lot. But, I needed to get closer and I felt guilty about "stealing" pumpkins. After all, it was a charity pumpkin sale.

So, I walked up the hill and gave them $20 for $17 worth of gourds (which will make their appearance here later) and politely asked if I could take some pictures.  They were more than happy to oblige and I spent a good half hour snapping away to my heart's content.  I was fascinated by these random blue pumpkins sitting in the middle of the masses of orange.

Today, I'm linking up with Pixel Dust Photo Art's Photo Art Friday with today's featured image. For this composition I used Bonnie's "Medieval Magic" and "Dear John" textures. 

Having added RadLab to my photographic arsenal, I couldn't resist playing with these unique blue pumpkins to some really neat effects. Hope you enjoy them.

pretty pumpkin

pumpkin stand out

unique pumpkins

And finally, the same shot as the featured image, but processed with Radlab and no textures

vintage pumpkin


  1. LeAnne, I love those! Such amazing editing and love the textures! Aren't all of the kinds of pumpkins fabulous. Very cool post

  2. You nailed the shot! =)

  3. Beautiful beautiful photos. You did a great job of editing each one. This should be a card set or something. Well done

  4. I have never before seen a blue pumpkin.
    Your photos bring out their beauty.

  5. What a great shot - totally worth the extra work.

  6. Okay, I have to laugh because I did the SAME thing the other day at a local pumpkin place. Felt guilty NOT buying anything so lo and behold...I now have a collection out back AND quite a nice collection of photos taken there too! I really like what you did editing wise. Such interesting textures in these pumpkins, quite lovely.


  7. These are stunning. The editing makes them even more spectacular. I really like the diversity pumpkins this year. Some are "warty" some are odd colors, but all are spectacular.

  8. Simply wonderful. I love them all.

  9. Hey LeAnne...agree those blue pumpkin/squash/whatever are pretty cool to take photos of. I like how you've offset them with the orange. Nice.
    I know what you mean about "stealing" pumpkins. I've stolen flowers before and feel guilty. I do sometimes go in after hours or when they're closing up. You were sweet to pay. I normally don't. I guess that makes me kind of cheap, huh?
    Hope you are coming along on the next class with Kat that starts, I htink tomorrow. I enjoy exchangin with you.

  10. These are wonderful!

  11. Leanne, What wonderful edits of those mammoth pumpkins! Have to same I am partial to the first. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday.

  12. These pumpkins are quite amazing! Gorgeous photos - I love the wonderful "fat" colors in them. Such eye-candy!
    I looked around your blog a bit and really like what I see here. I will be back!!

  13. All of the photos are amazing...such a fall feel. Makes me want a piece of pumpkin pie! cheers.


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