Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moonlight Madness

Artsy Moon

Yesterday, the Inspiration Studio featured several harvest moon inspired images, which was all the encouragement I needed to branch out with some new moon compositions.   Unfortunately, it was a bit too hazy to get a good shot of the 100% full moon last night, but I have quite a few good ones in my stash now to play with.

Today's image was inspired by a painting they featured which used these wonderful artsy swirls and tons of texture. Shadowhouse Creations provided the textures and I used Jerry's "Hauntings-4: and "Stained-5."  The moon and the birds perched on the tree branches are separate photos taken this past Monday.

My appetite for all things lunar whetted, I peeked in on Shadowhouse Creations and discovered he had a new download of 24 scripted textures entitled October Square. I can see these textures being great for many compositions - especially moon related ones. I chose this one to start:

Moon Madness

I then decided to go a bit more abstract and play around with Photoshop filters rather than textures, and came up with this version. Again, two images - one of the tree branches and clouds and the other of Monday evening's nearly full moon. Unfortunately, I've slept since then and I can't remember exactly what I did to it. But, I liked it.

rich moon

I've been at it for a couple of days now actually. This composition was created on Monday using the moon, a shot of trees and clouds I took on my morning walk along with some an application of Shadowhouse bird brushes. Otherwise, no texturing went into this one.

Spooky Moon

The original image behind all these compositions is the one below - just framed up (with Shadowhouse Layer Mask-5 on the "mat") and colorized a bit to bring out the detail.


Hope you are enjoyed these moons and have a little time to bask in the natural moonlight wherever you are. I'm linking up with "What's Up Wednesday" this week.


  1. I've tried doing something similar, but couldn't get the moon shot lined up right... I'll have to work on it again! Thanks for the inspiration... this is nice =)

  2. Wonderful!!! I love the edit. It looks so eerie.

    It was a full moon tonight in Australia. I took my first photos ever of the moon. Have a look on my blog.

  3. I do believe you're under a spell. You've gone crazy with moon-manipulation! ;-> All lovely, indeed.

  4. What stunning compositions and manipulations. Beautiful work!

  5. These are so cool! I love the mood and the colors. Thank you for sharing!


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