Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Little Corner Of the World


A couple of weeks ago at the Inspiration Studio we were asked the question What Corner of Your World Inspires You? Honestly that could be said of a multitude of places, but I decided to take the question literally and show an image of my home office - the place where I do most of my photo processing and journey to the far corners of the earth via the miracle of the internet searching for (and finding) inspiration.

My Tuesday calendar is quite full of challenges and places I like to visit on the web, so today's post will be more pictures than words.

To begin, let's start with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge. This week's theme is gratitude, which was top of my mind for the past two days as I attended the funeral of Lance Corporal Frankie Watson who served with my son's company in Afghanistan.

In the eulogy, the minister said that dying didn't make Frankie a hero, but offering his life for his country did. With two Marine sons, I've come to know many such heroes and sadly also many families whose heroes carried that offer through to its literal end.

At the graveside service, some balloons were released into the sky with cards attached bearing Frankie's image. I chose this image to process with Kim's "water stained frame" and "stained linen" textures with a heart full of gratitude for his service and sacrifice.

thank you

I shared the following image with the Happy Purple Tuesday group on flickr. These purple mums are sitting on my front porch now and I just love mums. I have some yellow ones on my back deck that will put your eyes out they are so bright and I may buy a few more this weekend (and probably photograph them, too).  A couple of awesome Shadowhouse textures went into this one.

purple haze

Tuesday also kicks off the Bluff Area Daily's Barn Charm linky party, so here's a lovely Tennessee barn again shot from the back of a motorcycle. So many barns, so little time. Of course, now I see them everywhere and it literally pains me to pass one by without stopping to take a photo. Around here, if I stopped to photograph every picturesque barn scene I would certainly never get to where I'm going. One thing I know for sure is that I'll always have a fresh barn shot to contribute to this link up.

barn and silo

Whew! I think that covers my Tuesday to do list. The only thing left to do is link them up and go take some more pictures.


  1. Your work is gorgeous, Leanne!

  2. Every photo is lovely. I think the barn is my favorite. The scene and the processing are beautiful. I am so sorry for the young man's family. I love the idea of the balloons and you captured a nice photo of the moment.

  3. beautiful images...i love the tribute to LCPL Watson...Marines hold a special place in my heart as my husband was in the Corps.

    gorgeous barn and it pains me as well to drive by without snapping a flick!

  4. Your balloon shot really touched my heart. Thankful that your two sons are safe, and hard to imagine losing your son to that sort of sacrifice. Blessings to your friend. Also love your shot of your office. I have had my little office now for two years and can't imagine how I ever lived without it. My greatest place for meditation and thinking and writing and so many things. Blessings to you in your creative paths! Jeanne, PS, oh and I also have at least a 1000 barn pictures.... arent they wonderful! Many of mine are from Illinois where i am from. Love them

  5. Wow! I love looking at your work! Each and every one of your photos is simply gorgeous!

  6. Leanne,

    All of these were just incredible. I'm so sorry about that young man. My son is also in the military.

    My heart aches for that family.

    Love the barn too.

    Yes...so much to be grateful for.

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  7. Hey Leanne-the story and accompanying image of "Frankie" is so emotional. Really touching. You are a brave woman to have 2 sons serving in the Marines-tho' it is their choice not yours, I can't imagine the burden on your heart-especially with a loss like Frankie's so close. My father leaves on his voice mail message at work a request for any caller to keep service men and women in their prayers. Every day he does that-he's a good American.
    Your other textures too are beautiful and I love that line about never getting home if you were to capture each and every barn.
    Blessed day to you.

  8. Each photo, though different, has beauty.
    Thank you.

  9. Oh Leanne, your work is outstanding. I especially like the tribute to your son's friend.

  10. I have trouble getting to where I'm going all the time for that very reason... I'm always late & everyone knows why, they don't even ask anymore... I should leave earlier, but I don't! LoL!
    This barn is certainly picturesque & great texture, too.
    So sorry to hear about the death of the soldier... God bless him & all of them all over the world!!!

    Thank you for joining in & linking up to Barn Charm

  11. ps I LOVE the globe in the photo of your office... I'd love to have one of those... I not only have a 'thing' for barns, but globes & maps, too! =)

  12. oh Leanne.... i adore your 'corner'...and this post is truly beautiful...in so many ways......

    what a beautiful tribute to your son's friend.... 'sigh'... thank you for all!


  13. I just LOVE your yellow balloon photo. So simple, so powerful, so perfect!

  14. Thanks so much for all your comments. It is such a comfort to know that our service members are appreciated. Your kind comments on my work is so encouraging.

  15. Your work is beautiful! The balloon shot is a lovely tribute to Lance Corporal Watson. Let me extend my gratitude to your sons in our country's service. May they stay safe.

  16. Your yellow balloon photo is lovely, well thought out and executed. It has a similar theme to my submission this week, appreciation for our troops.

  17. Well, I came for Barn Charm, and I did enjoy the barn...but I also enjoyed everything else. Except hearing about the loss of another soldier.

  18. Your work is so very beautiful Leanne, and your office is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  19. The balloon image is striking in its simplicity.

  20. Beautiful texture work - just great!! :)

  21. wow! so great, all of these...haha! I did wonder what purple mums were doing sitting on your porch before I scrolled down to see you were talking about those flower mums! I love the balloon best, so beautiful.

  22. Lovely barn. Thanks for sharing the shot.



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