Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Week in Pictures

My Week In Pictures- October 2-8

Inspired by Deb Duty's weekly collage for Naptime Momtog's 365 project challenge, I decided to challenge myself to create a collage of photos from the previous week. I'm not quite ready to commit to a complete 365 project and I may not be able to keep this up every week. If I manage to be consistent with it, I may join in for 2012.

The collage template that Deb uses (and I'm now using) is available for free here at The Coffee Shop Blog. If you are unfamiliar with how to use clipping masks in Photoshop (as I was), the blog author has a great tutorial available here.

I made it my own with a few enhancements that I'll share with you:
  • Used Shadowhouse Creations "Blackbox-5" frame to create the background for the text window, giving it a little vignetting around the edges and used a sepia photo filter to change it to a different color.
  • Hid the background layer and added a new layer for my background.  Selected a color out of the text window for a background fill, and gave it a "craquelure" filter in Photoshop to achieve the almost canvasy like effect.
  • Found some free brushes made available by "Green Eyed Butterfly" at Deviant Art and added a little frilly something in each corner.
  • Added a little vignetting around the edges using the gradient map tool after selecting the square, choosing select inverse and adding a gradient map.
  • Once happy with what I had, I saved the template for use later, and also saved it as a .jpg file.
  • I opened the .jpg back up and added a 100 pixel black border all around by extending the canvas and using the color black.<br>
  • To make the different photos all blend together a little better, I duplicated the layer and added a warming filter adjustment on top of the original layer.  I used the Warming Filter (85) at 75% and preserving luminosity
  • The .jpg file was HUGE, so I reduced the size to 3000 x 3000 pixels so I could upload it to flickr.

So, here it is - My Week in Pictures:

Sunday - A dahlia from my garden.
Monday - Navy bugler plays taps at the funeral of LCPL Frankie Watson.
Tuesday - Starlings seen on my morning walk.
Wednesday - The waxing Moon
Thursday - Juniper Berries
Friday - A rose from my garden
Saturday - My "grand-dog" Crockett looks in through the window of the cabin where my dad was born.


  1. This would look beautiful framed and posted in your office! Love what you've done here. And thanks for the details.

  2. Love it and just downloaded some of those templates this morning! have not listened to the tutorial yet though on clipping masks. You did a great job Leanne. Very nice

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous LeAnne!
    So very nicely done.

  4. I love the way you did your collage! It's so pretty with the background like you have it. Sorry I couldn't email you directly on Saturday, but I'm glad you came back and found what you wanted! This is my second year of doing a 365. In 2010 I was very faithful and it was truly a pic a day. In 2011 it has turned more into 7 photos for the week. I just can't always find something interesting every day, but it's not too hard to come up with 7 for the week. If I continue in 2012 it will probably be like this again.


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