Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Scavenger Share

#17 Fire
#17 Fire (bonfire at the parent's house)

I'm still plugging away on my Scavenger Hunt 101 project. Here are a few of the images I don't believe I've shared on my blog. Please forgive me if I've shared any of these before.

#86 A Shadow
#86 A Shadow (that's me!)

#8 An abandoned building/ruin
#8 An Abandoned Building/Ruin (the cabin where my dad was born)

#44 Knick-Knack Brick-a-Brack
#44 A Knick-Knack Brick-a-Brack (mom's wall pocket collection)

#47 A Place of Worship
#47 A Place of Worship
(the abandoned Presbyterian Church close to my dad's old homeplace)

#75 Your Most Comfortable Place to Sit
#75 Your Most Comfortable Place to Sit 
The spot where I enjoy coffee, morning pages,
and a visit with my boys each day.

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  1. Hi LeAnne,
    Love your Mom's pocket vases, pretty cool. Hope you have a great weekend.


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