Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scavenger Hunting on Saturday Morning

#66 The use of an alternative energy source

My son and I had our Friday night date last night, and I was literally nodding off while we visited in his apartment afterward. So, I crashed on his sofa and headed home early this morning. With a busy day ahead of me, I had not planned any photography expeditions this morning. Then I saw it from the interstate - a windmill aerator. An alternative energy source is one of my scavenger hunt items, so I decided to get off the interstate and see if I could find my way closer.

Now, anyone who knows me in real life also knows that I have a notoriously bad sense of direction. So this was quite an ambitious undertaking for me. I eventually did find it, although I probably did take the long way around. It was worth it though, as I also captured another Scavenger Hunt Item - a beast of burden.

#69 A beast of Burden

I took TONS of photos actually as this was a wonderfully long rural road with lots to see. There were a surprising number of walkers, joggers and even a few bicyclists out on it, so it must be pretty popular. I can see why. People were so friendly, waving at each other and me. I'll definitely go back when I have more time.

As it was, it took me 2 hours to make the roughly half hour trip home. LOL I must resist the temptation to process any more as my house simply MUST be cleaned. My sister and her family will be in later this afternoon to celebrate my mom's birthday.

So, here's wishing everyone a great weekend!

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  1. Serendipitous series of events! Excellent finds, well worth the detour. The post-processing makes the subjects that much more intriguing. I like how they stand alone, no background other than the rich textures.


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