Sunday, October 30, 2011

Talking To Strangers

haney lane bridge

A few weeks ago, I was out on my morning walk when a man in a white truck slowed down and called me over. I admit, I was a little unsure what to do but I cautiously approached him. He said, "Hey, I see you every day out here with your camera...are you a photographer?" I just answer yes these days without any qualification.

He said he owned a big farm down the street from me, gave me directions to his place and told me if I ever wanted to walk down there and take pictures, I was welcome to do so.

Ordinarily, this would seem like a setup for a bad horror movie or CSI episode, but I remembered my dad telling me that there is a man who lets him jog down the lane through his property. I told him I thought my dad ran on his property, and yep, this was the same guy.

When I'm out shooting, I feel as if I'm in my own private little bubble, and I sometimes forget that I'm actually being noticed by the world around me. Nothing seems to get me noticed quicker than a camera in my hand, and it can be a real ice-breaker. It seems people can't resist striking up a conversation when they see my camera. Photography has made me more interesting than the most Dos Equis man.

Yesterday morning Dad drove me through the property and dropped me off on the far end so didn't have so far to walk back. I wish I could have gone a week sooner before the recent rains stripped so much of the color off the trees, but it is still very beautiful through there.

Just as we pulled into the property there was a buck standing there in the woods. I only had my 55mm lens on me, but I managed to capture him fairly well. I'm definitely going back again with my big lens, my tripod and a chair to see if I can catch some wildlife.

What the Buck?

The property owner happened to be pulling out as I began shooting and seemed very pleased that I took him up on his offer. He told me to make myself at home and I did. I see why my dad loves to jog down through this lane and I'll be back many times and in all seasons. So much beauty in the square mile in which I live. I took about 250 photographs on this little jaunt, and here is just a sampling.

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.

haney lane

haney lane 2

haney lane bridge 2


  1. Oh - lucky girl! What a great offer and you certainly made the most of it. Glorious Autumn shots!!!

  2. I do love your photos (that first shot is amazing)...but I also love your writing. Both are such a pleasure.


  3. Oh my...what a paradise you have to spend time in! How nice of your neighbor to let you roam his property - it's absolutely beautiful. Your photos are stunning.

  4. LeAnne:

    I agree ... puppy dogs and cameras seem to attract attention. I was out without Kobi yesterday and since I ended up on a path that did allow dogs even though my intended destination was one that didn't, I took pics of all the dogs on the path. One lady asked if I took pictures for a magazine. Hmmm ... wouldn't that be nice.

    This is a lovely account of your adventure. I always love stopping in to see what you're up to.

    laf @ lafcustomedesigns

  5. How wonderful to have this area to photograph. LeAnne you truly give me a glimpse of your part of the country. Happy Sunday to you.


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