Thursday, October 13, 2011

Walking to the Rhythm of Life

daily practice
The distance between my house and the lane can be measured by the 
time it takes to drink one cup of coffee

Walking has always been a part of my life, even before I knew it was good for my health.  Walking was my meditation even before I knew what meditation was.  With the rhythm of each footfall, whatever jumble of thoughts, feelings, concerns, worries or ideas that accompany me assemble in an orderly fashion and fall in step as I move forward into my day.

For almost ten years now,  I've been lacing up my sneakers, grabbing a cup of coffee to drink on the way, and walking this little half mile lane near my home.  I'd lived here for almost three years, thinking that I didn't have a good place to walk on this curvy, narrow, shoulder-less road that leads to my house. My road has become sort of a cut through for drivers to avoid a light at a major intersection and they fly through here even though it is quite dangerous to do so.  Not such a great place for pedestrians.

Then one day, I discovered it.  At the time, it was a gravel road that I thought was a private drive.  Turns out there are several houses on this road and it dead ends into the property of one of the home owners.  It is safe, with little traffic save the neighbors leaving for work.

The path winds and gently rolls revealing beauty around every bend. There are several different types of fences, a teal colored pond with cattails, and many varieties of beautiful trees.  In addition to the large population of birds, squirrels, and bunnies, I often see wild turkey and deer meandering along the way.

I make several laps back and forth depending on the amount of time I have, but I make it a point to try and get out at least five days a week.

This path was the location of my very first photo walk, where I discovered the magic of viewing life through a lens.  The only weather that interferes with my walk is rain or ice. Walking this lane has been a constant through life's changes and transitions the past ten years.  I processed my thoughts and emotions about all of it, good and bad, as I walked through each metaphorical and literal season of life.

We are finally getting some autumn color around here.  There's always discussion this time of year about whether it will be a pretty fall or not.  Have we had enough rain or too much rain?  Will the frost come too early?  I've seen some spectacular autumns in my day, but I don't believe I've ever seen an ugly one. Even if the colors are dull, Photoshop can bring them out beautifully.

Speaking of Photoshop, yesterday Kim Klassen alerted us to the availability of a free thirty day trial of RadLab. She has been sighing over this plug-in for a while now and now that I've downloaded it, I know why! If you have CS4 or CS5 and haven't tried it, go here and get it. I'll be saving my pennies to buy it when the trial is up. It is just that good. Not only has it helped me to get the effects I don't know quite how to achieve on my own, it has sped up my processing. As I try to get through all these shots of my trip to dad's old homeplace, this is a real godsend.

For the past month or so, I've brought my camera along and many photos from my walk have already made it to this blog.  Here's a " few" more  from my walk this week.  All of them except for one was processed with Radlab.  Hope you enjoy them.

october walk
Heading back towards the entry point

cattail and web
Cattails around the pond at the end of the lane.

stone fence and webs
The often photographed stacked stone wall

autumn walk
Just beyond the pond

A web on the weeping cherry at the end of my drive

Fence line leading up to the pond

autumn berries
Autumn Berries
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  1. Your "This Or That Thursday" entry of the spiderweb is beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful place you have to walk! Love the spiderweb.

  3. Oh my!!! These pictures are just incredible. Such beauty, and you captured it so well.

    I need to start walking!!

    Hope you have a blessed day♥

  4. Your photos instill a sense of wonder. It is as if we're taking a walk in a magic land, similar to our mundane landscape, but shimmering and deepening our experience of it.

  5. Gorgeous scenery, esp the 2nd & 5th images... my faves! I love full blown fall orange trees! =)

    happy week

  6. You have such a beautiful place to walk. I would love to go on a walk with you! You've captured some stunning images!

  7. What a stunning place to walk. I can imagine myself walking there and taking in the peaceful scenery!

  8. Stunning photos, what a gorgeous place to walk. I love the spider web!!

  9. I love your photos! You love the spider web and the lane surrounded by Autumn finery. Beautiful!

  10. I can't pick a favorite! I love all your photos compositionally and the post processing! Beautiful work.

  11. You've captured some stunning images! Great Job!

  12. Wonderful photos, I must come back and explore more. Love your story about how you found the little lane. :)

  13. I just downloaded Rab lab yesterday. Love it.. I too will have to save my pennies..

  14. I love the spiders webs especially, although all are wonderful :)

  15. Love these pictures Le Anne, I had Photoshop Elements 8, and just upgraded to 10.... not really ready for CS and not sure if I will every be, have to see. Does Rad Lab work with elements, or only CS versions. YOur photos look super! Wonderful scenery, Jeanne PS, Don't forget to check out Artful Blogging. It is a great magazine avail online or any Barnes and noble. Have a great day

  16. Holy Moly!!!!! LOVIN that first shot of the walking lane...great perspective and leading line! And then what can I say about that spider web shot.....GORGEOUS. Such pretty colors and clarity. Bravo.


  17. i enjoyed each and very photograph, i savored it! the cobweb one is so beautiful!
    thank you for sharing!


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