Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crossing Over


They say the only thing that is consistent about life is that it is constantly changing. Change is hard for most of us, myself included. Since resisting change is futile, to be healthy and happy in this life we must learn to adapt and embrace it.

For me the hardest part of change is that transitional place in between - the bridge, if you will. Your heart and mind has already begun to let go of what you want or must leave behind, but you are not quite ready or able to fully step over to the other side.

Our bridges could be any one of the following:

  • A pursuit of a long term goal such as going back to school, learning a new skill, getting out of debt, or saving money for a home.

  • A time of healing, recovering from a physical illness, surgery, or a period of depression.

  • A spiritual dark night of the soul.

  • A period of unemployment, underemployment, or a need to change careers to pursue a dream or get out of a toxic work environment.

  • A season of grief and learning to walk on without your loved one in your life.

  • A changing relationship, or unchanging one that needs to change in one direction or another.

  • A time of divorce or separation, entering into a new relationship, or being single and looking.

  • A time of financial difficulty where you are forced to rely on others to bridge the gap.

  • A period of indecision when the way forward is not clear.

  • A time of separation, such as those of us who are waiting for our loved ones to return from war.

  • A terminal illness or old age which brings us face to face with our own mortality.

I could sit here all morning and keep adding to this list. Several of them apply to me right now or have in the past, and I bet you can identify with a few yourself or add some new ones. Feel free to comment and share with us a few examples of your own.

Life is full of bridge times. We know that bridges are only temporary. They are not dwelling places and it is our natural instinct to want to cross over them as quickly as possible or turn back and not cross over at all. But cross over we must, and it is ok to take our time, stop and acknowledge where we are.

But, bridges can be as beautiful as they are necessary. There are lessons to be learned on the bridge as we travel over.

Some are steady and strong...

another bridge

Some are a bit shaky ...


Some are long, and others are short...

childrens bridge

Some even make you want to linger and reflect ...

bridge over water

Whatever kind of bridge you may be crossing, I believe it is always possible to find a reason to praise it if for no other reason than it is what is supporting you as you cross over to where you need to be.

Today's image and quote were created for the "quotography" link up and that's what started all this reflection. Obviously, one of my bridges involves waiting for my son to return from his deployment.

So, I'll close by sharing another image of some very special veterans - the boys of Alpha Company. These guys are on my son's squad although I understand a couple of them have been moved to a newly formed squad. I'm certain they've saved eachother's lives more than a time or two. They are fine young men and I'm grateful they are over there with my son. Please keep them in your prayers.

Our Boys of Alpha Company

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for....

The bridges in my life which have never failed to carry me over to better and more beautiful places.

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  1. What a beautiful and insightful post. I love the imagery of the bridge being the precipice of change and the function of carrying one to the new. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. LeAnne,
    Not only are these images beautiful, I truly love your writing. I don't think I ever thought of those difficult times in my own life as bridges, but this makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing your soulful insight. This will stay with me in my heart.

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I so agree with what you're saying. There are always going to be difficult times in life. To be able to approach 'bridges' positively and looking out for reasons to be grateful is really a blessing.

  4. Hi Leanne - left a longer comment previously but as I clicked away I saw the word verification pop-up ---too late!

    A lovely, meaningful post - accompanied by incredible images. Bridges are such a great metaphor for the journey we all take in this life.

  5. Beautiful bridges and beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Not only do you have a gift for photography, but also for words...what a deeply moving post. It seems there are always bridges to cross, and I'm also learning in this life that the view I have while standing on the bridge is incredibly important.

  7. Leanne, this is an amazingly profound post! You have combined your wonderful gift of photography with another gift of writing with incredible insight!
    This touched my heart so much. We all have our bridges to cross throughout life but it is how we look at those bridges, and what our attitude is, that determines the outcome.
    Thank you again for a beautiful, thought provoking post!

  8. This is absolutely incredible! I am so thankful that I came across this today; mum actually told me about this post. I am literally speechless. Love and hugs your way xx


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