Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Double Vision

what is a friend

Today's Texture Tuesday theme is "Two." I went back to my archives for this image, taken at St. Mary's Sewanee last summer. Many butterfly images came out of that visit.

The texture used here is Kim's latest, "Phoebe." I love, love, love, this one and I'm sure I'll use over and over. In fact, I used it on a different piece that will make an appearance later. On this one, I pulled out the edges of the texture to remove the framing as it didn't work with the image so well, and added a layer of Shadowhouse Creations' "Black Box Mask-5."

While we are on the subject of friends, I want to share with you a shot of my son and his buddy Nick taken on the day they deployed. On the last deployment, they were almost literally joined at the hip and are serving together again this time as squad leader and team leader. They were both promoted to Corporal in August. If you've noticed that I've been sneaking in images of men (mostly mine) in uniform this week, it is because I'm honoring my favorite veterans all week leading up to Veteran's Day on Friday.


I stayed up way too late last night working on photos and I slept in a little later this morning. So, I can only make it to one of my favorite Tuesday linky parties. How much more productive I would be if I didn't need to sleep or go to the bathroom.

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for....

Friends - new and old, far and near, online and offline. And, coffee!

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  1. Lovely photo LeAnne, and i also really think that is such a great photo of your son, leading up to Veterans day this week. Sending many thoughts of safety and friendship to your son, and peace to you while he is gone! Jeanne

  2. beautiful image and processing with such a meaningful saying; thank you. my thoughts and prayers are with your family for the safe return of your son. hugs from alaska. kareninkenai

  3. A gorgeous butterfly image and a lovely quote. :)
    Beautiful photo of your son and friend, too.
    I am always thankful for friends & coffee too ;)

  4. Your image is stunning. What a fantastic photo. I love the texture and quote. Love the photo of your son and his friend.

  5. Great post, LeAnne! The butterfly shot and what you created with it is amazing! My prayers are with your son and his friend today and I'll be remembering them, along with my brother, father and so many other who deserve our gratitude and thanks on Friday. Oh, and I totally relate to your sleep, bathroom and coffee comments and find it pretty funny when I think how they might relate to each other (at least in my case, LOL) Blessings!

  6. I love butterflies and these are lovely. I've never read that quote before but it's one I'll remember. Great photo of the young men too, they look like they know the meaning of friendship. Wishing them a safe return.

  7. Wonderful processing, must get that texture. Please tell your sons from me"thank you for your service". You are the reason we have freedom.

  8. Wonderful images!
    I am very thankful for those young men - and all of the men and women serving in our Military!

  9. Perfect photos for the Quotography theme this week! I love love love your butterfly image and the textures you used! Excellent!!!

    Your son and his buddy are very handsome! God bless them both for serving our great country!

  10. what a wonderful shot of your son and his friend!


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