Friday, November 25, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

Biltmore Lilies

This week's PhotoArt Friday challenge was to dig into our archives and find a photograph that never received the attention it deserved. The ideas rolled around in my brain for a few days until I was inspired by a Monet-esque water lily print hanging on the wall of my room at the retreat center where we stayed last weekend.

On a visit to the Biltmore mansion in late 2008, I captured these water lilies that I've always loved. I was shooting with a Nikon D40 back then and probably still would be had I not dropped it in the bathroom. Right before I sat down to work with this image, I read about the Topaz Labs plugin and decided to do a little experimenting. The image above is the result. I used the PDPA "Impressionistic Music" and "Dappled Dawn" textures along with the "Pyschadelic" adjustment in Topaz. In addition, I played with the artistic effect in Photoshop and applied the "Angled Stroke" effect. Its not exactly impressionistic, but I was pleased with the results so I stopped there.

But, I didn't stop playing with Topaz Labs. I still haven't made it past Adjust 5 as there are so many possibilities. All these images came from that Biltmore trip and all were processed using Topaz. For "jumpers" like me, it is super easy to dive in and play around right away.

biltmore arbor

biltmore view

two for tea

botanical garden

biltmore birdcage

biltmore arbor2

biltmore fountain


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  1. Love these, and so sad that I already downloaded the 30 day topaz trial and did not use it one single time. Guess I will have to buy it now if I want it. So sad..... Love the Biltmore Estate and think your photos of it are super. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Christmas next. WOW!

  2. Your pictures and textures are really beautiful, the second and third are my favourites

  3. This is beautiful work!

  4. A beautiful edit Leanne! Love what you did with Topaz Adjust and the other photos. Be careful ... it's addictive! :) Thanks so much for linking up with Photo Art Friday.

  5. So beautiful!!
    This post is fabulous. The Biltmore is one of my favorite places to visit. I love seeing the different eye in which you see it.

  6. Omygosh!! I had to get a paper bag, your images just took my breath away!! I'm still using picasa/picnik and have elements 9 but haven't had the time to sit and learn it yet. Truly beautiful images!!

  7. What Topaz plug-in did you use for these?

  8. Hey Kim, all these were used with the "Adjust 5" plug-in. I've downloaded a few others, but I've been content playing with this one for now! Thanks everyone for your comments.

  9. beautiful use of texture; thanks for sharing. kareninkenai (PAF)

  10. These are just remarkable images - even before the textures!! I might have to play with Topaz - the effects you achieved are very cool!


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