Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day


I am going to have to skip one of my favorite linkups (PhotoArt Friday) today as life has been unbelievably hectic this week. In honor of Veteran's day I wanted to at least make a post and express my gratitude to those who defend or ever defended our freedom.

Being a part of a military family has its good and bad points, but as hard as goodbyes and separations can be, nothing is sweeter or more joyful than a homecoming. Today's featured image is of my two sons embracing for the first time after Andrew returned from Iraq. This is a treasured photo for our family and sits framed in my living room

When Adam and his two best friends came home from their first tour in Afghanistan, I made a little video to commemorate their return and I'll leave you with that today. I can't wait for the sequel! :)

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for ...

Our Veterans and those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom,

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  1. Thank you for sharing all this and thank your son for all he does for our family. This was the perfect post for today, great way to honor our men and women. Sending you prayers and hugs.


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