Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hip to Be Square

hipsta checkers

Earlier in the week, Deb Duty shared a link to a cool Photoshop action from World's Best Actions, that mimics the iPhone Hipstamatic app. I've been seeing hipsta shots all over flickr and in other photoblogs and love the effect, but I'm a Blackberry owner and at least a year away from an upgrade opportunity through my provider.

Until now, I never wanted an iPhone anyway because I'm not a big fan of touch screen phones. But with all the cool photo apps available, I want to get into the whole iPhoneography game too.

Turns out, my options for non-touch screen smart phones are dwindling anyway. When my beloved BB Bold died, I was forced into a BB Torch, which is also a touch screen phone and I really hate it. Not only that, I went a few days thinking my Torch was lost so I called in an insurance claim and now I have a shiny new back-up that I should probably wear out (or lose) before I consider moving over to the iPhone side. So, this little free action was a great tip. I'm linking up with Deb's This or That Thursday with the photo shown above.

hipsta kitchen2

Once I started with this action, I had so much fun I almost couldn't stop. It seemed the perfect processing for my cache of photos from Cannonsburgh Village and it was easy to crank a bunch of them out in a short period of time. The image above received a comment on Flickr that the processing was more old fashioned than hipsta, and I started to wonder if I knew what hipsta was anyway. Then I realized I should also not assume all my readers do either, so I looked it up.

Hipsta is not to be confused with Hipster, the contemporary subculture whose defining style is to create appearance of "not caring." Creating that appearance seems to involve vintage clothes (read old and worn out). The only thing that the iPhone Hipstamatic app seems to have in common with Hipsters (other than maybe being used by the so-called "trust fund" hipsters) is its vintage appearance as it converts digital photographs into something that looks like an old analog polariod, or "fauxlaroid" as it is called by hipsta haters. So old fashioned and hipsta are pretty much the same thing it seems. Hipster is another subject entirely.

hipsta kitchen

In the process of researching this, I discovered that the whole Hipstamatic and iPhoneography craze is somewhat controversial. Photography purists who have spent years of their lives learning the technical skills required to create this vintage feel seem to mightily resent how easily this effect can be created. Now that some of these photos are actually winning awards and recognition, the rift between "hipstmaddicts" and professional photographers is widening. One article I found predicts the Hipstamatic app will bring death to authentic photojournalism.

Way to burst my creative bubble. I was so proud of my little vintage "fauxlaroids" until I commenced to googling. Oh well, in the end I still think they are cool looking, and at this point in my journey while I learn the technical business and develop my style, these tools are fun and educational as well. When deconstructing the final result of the Photoshop action, I can tell from the layers what creates this effect so I could do it manually if I really wanted to. But, why go to all that trouble when it can be done with a click or two of a button?

hipsta school

So, hate on hipsta if you want - I don't care. Maybe I am getting a little Hipster attitude as well.

You can find more of my fauxlaroids (more to be added later for sure) on my Flickr site along with other differently processed images from my Cannonsburgh visit.

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for....

The wealth of photography information, tips, and tools that are so generously shared by others for free on the web. Also the community of photographers that personally reach out with encouragement and knowledge sharing.

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  1. Very cool! Sadly , no cS for me, so will just have to do the iphone if I want one of these. Also, INSTAGRAM has all sorts of cool effects. Have a great week and weekend. Jeanne

  2. I love your fauxlaroids, too, despite the controversy. And touch-screen phones? I share your loathing.

  3. I love the vintage look of your photos and had no idea how much controversy there was around this "look". Very interesting and informative post - thank you! My iPhone is on order and I'm not sure how I feel about the touch screen, either...time will tell!

  4. These are so lovely. I really like the last one with the apple. I have a Droid and I love it, but I am a nut for the touch screens. :)

  5. I especially like the final shot of the desk, but hey that could be the teacher talking. Such a lovely collection.

  6. So glad you tried it out. It worked perfectly with your photos. My favorite is the table. It looks like the light is streaming through the window. I had no idea there was such a controversy about the hipsta effect. I wouldn't want to process every photo this way, but it sure is fun for a change!

  7. How neat & so vintage! Great work =)

  8. First, I love the effect and you picked perfect photos to use it on; the effect enhances these photos.
    Second, touch screens act bizarrely whenever I touch them; I've heard this happens with some people and I'm apparently one of them :(
    Third, "art" is not defined by the length of time it takes to create it. Or the artist's understanding of the technology or tools. So, use the quickest way to get the effect you want.
    I'm not intending to start any arguments; just my opinions, ignore them if you want.

  9. I totally agree with you Deb. Efficiency is a good thing and it really is all about the composition and the emotion it evokes. No matter how long or how little it takes, if someone (even if its only me) responds positively to it, that's all that matters.

  10. I admire all the new things you are trying. Interesting effect this creates. I particularly like the book, glasses, and apple.

    Just discovered something else we have in common. I'm a BB user too!

  11. Awesome photos! I love hipstamatic too! Thanks for the details about the history you've taken the pains to research and share. I had no clue! I am wiser now :)

  12. And there was me thinking it meant 'shooting from the hip'. [sort of 'low life', but in a good way :-)]


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