Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ooooooh Shiny!


This week, the 52 photos project theme is "Trick or Treat." We are allowed to interpret this any way that we want, and I immediately thought of the unexpected photography treats I gobbled up at the wedding venue last Sunday. As I begin to develop my own style, I have noticed I'm attracted to vintage subjects and this place was a vintage lovers dream. Although given my little accident, it was more like "Trip or Treat."

By the way, thanks for the comments of concern over my fall. I'm still a little stiff and my knee caps are burning from the road rash, but otherwise it could have been much worse. I am beginning to think; however, that my high heel days are behind me.

Besides the gravel, I mostly attribute my fall to the fact that I spotted beautiful light breaking through the stained glass windows of the wedding chapel and I was not thinking of anything other than the photo opportunity. I was literally standing there waiting for the professional wedding photographer to finish his shot so I could slip in and get a few myself.

stained glass 2

As soon as I saw my opportunity, off I went - eyes focused only on those windows and the next thing I know is I'm on the ground with a crowd of people trying to help me back to my feet.

I'm fine, thank you. I'd rather stay here on the ground and try to look inconspicuous while I fire a few test shots from my camera.

The windows were truly beautiful as was the chapel. Unfortunately, I was pressed for time and couldn't set up my shots very well in addition to feeling somewhat shaken up and disoriented.

Every time I framed up a shot that I liked, I'd notice a big white thermostat, a "too modern" light fixture, or a potted plant that was in the way. Hey, I may not be above practically mowing down a photographer on my way to a shot and making a public spectacle of myself in the process, but I draw the line at rearranging wedding decorations to suit my composition.

I do have standards you know.

stained glass 3

Thiry Days Of Thanks 
Today I am thankful for....

The simple pleasures of life - a good cup of coffee, a soft warm bed to crawl into at night, good books, and hugs. (And strong bones)

Today's Linkups

52 Photos Project


  1. Gorgeous! Glad that you feeling better :)

  2. Beautiful colors. Hope you heal quickly!


  3. You captured the glow of light through the windows perfectly. Beautiful! So sorry about your fall and I hope your aches and pains are gone very soon!

  4. Absolutely fantastic photos! ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) linked w/ 52 PP

  5. Beautiful images!
    Feel better soon ;)

  6. Love your story and your humor. Really beautiful windows! Hope you're recovering from your fall.

  7. This is just beautiful!
    Thank you for linking up this week :)


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