Friday, November 18, 2011

Photo Art, Fences, and Fog

stump fence

Over at Pixel Dust Studios, Bonnie invited us to share our "go to" editing techniques for this week's PhotoArt Friday. Today's images all use PDPA textures: artists easel, cherish, and old master dust. (You can click on the photos to view on flickr for information on which one is which.) Since beginning to work with textures, I've found these painterly type textures of Bonnie's to work really well on landcapes. It is like magic every time I start playing with the blending modes. In each of these, I found that the hard light blending mode worked the best.

folk's fence

From an editing standpoint, in addition to the textures I also utilized some of my favorite techniques such as adding a bit of gaussian blur and blending in either soft light or overlay mode, and adding vignetting around the edges. I'm learning a bit more about how to edit in Adobe Camera Raw and this morning I discovered the "landscape" camera mode adjustment, which gave me more of what I was looking for. Also in Camera Raw, I adjusted the white balance to cloudy, turned the clarity dial all the way up, and just generally played around until I found something I liked. In Photoshop I'm also a big fan of the multiply blend mode, and it was applied in these photos as well.

fall, fence, and fog

As you can see all these images are fences from a foggy morning photowalk. Say that three times fast! How about photoart fences from a foggy morning photowalk? I'm multi-tasking again as it is also fence friday over at flickr. Now, let's try saying photoart fences from a foggy morning photowalk for flickr fence friday! Ok, after a week of 10 hour workdays on top of working 2-3 hours a day on this blog thing, I'm feeling a bit punchy.

But, it is true that fences and fog are becoming a recurring theme in my work. Then there's the birds and the moon, which seem to make their way into my creations. I'm trying to control myself and not overdo it, but others have noticed a signature style emerging here.

It has been interesting to watch this all unfold and see what I'm drawn to as well as what creates a response in others. Quite often what I like and what other's seem to like about my work don't match up, and trying to understand why has really helped me with composition, what appeals to the viewer, and why.

And finally there's the whole photowalk thing. Remember the good old days when I used to post photos from my daily walk? Shots of nature and the world around me have also been a theme in my work. Well I haven't been doing that. In fact, the photos you see today are from my last photowalk, which was on November 5th! My neighbors probably think I've died.

Bella over at 52 Photos asked us today when was the last time we'd taken just a simple 30 minute photowalk just because. Busted! Well, now you know my answer to that question.

Deborah Tisch
reminded me today in her blog why it is so important that I not let this practice fall by the wayside, even when there is too much life to fit into one day. I'm still working on how to balance my photography with the day job and the rest of life's demands. But, that's a discussion for another day. Right now, I'm grabbing my camera and talking a walk.

Have a great weekend!

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for ...

A day off work and time for photography, family and friends. (Seems I can't get away from alliteration today)

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Photo Art Friday


  1. Wow LeAnne - what amazing work!!! All three create such a wonderful mood - but I am partial to the depth, drama and texture of the first. So happy you are sharing your artistry with Photo Art Friday.
    Fences ARE always a great choice as subject matter.

  2. Lovely subject matter, beautifully framed. Your application of the textures certainly does lend a painterly feel to the photos. My favourite would be the last picture: I love the delicacy of the branches, the movement/rhythm of the birds, and gentle touch of the texture.

  3. If we had a competition and I were the judge, this top image would win.
    They are all fine examples of the art of editing, but the top one took my breath away.
    You captured the light and bounced it back to us. Amazing work.

  4. Each of these is beautiful!
    The textures mimic oil or acrylic paintings.

  5. Oh love these shots... gorgeous editing & views! =)

  6. beautiful work :) i really love your photos. how do you add texture to them ?

  7. It is done in photoshop Mary-Anne. Check out my resources page for some links to other sites that provide free textures and tutorials. Its loads of fun.

  8. As always, I am in awe of your photography. Gorgeous photos! And your tongue twister made me laugh. :P

  9. all three of them are adorable - but my favorite is the first one... the close up and texture are spectacular, really love it!

  10. Wow these are amazing. I'm really drawn to the first two photo's. Fabulous work with the textures.

  11. Absolutely perfect, so beautiful light and a great texture. Great job.
    Linneas Atelje Photography

  12. It is so easy to get away from those photo walks, and to get caught up in Life. I hope you had a good walk, and found some beauty through that lens. These artful images are just stunning, in my opinion. Thanks for the linkup! Have a great weekend!

  13. Loved the photos and the commentary. You made me laugh when you go the the concept of balance. I guess that's what weekends and vacation days are for, but there are never enough of them. I'll be getting plenty of photowalking in the next 5 days!! Mostly, I'm hoping to disconnect from the hamster wheel and reconnect with my soul! I always get something out of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love all three of these images! Lovely editing.

  15. excellent compositions to begin with; and, terrific processing. such rich texture and colors. thank you. kareninkenai (from PAF)

  16. Lovely picture with great texture. Beautiful!

  17. beautiful photography and beautifully enhanced, thank you for sharing.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing - your blend of PS stuff and textures produces extraordinary photos! This fence series feels very Wizard of Oz to me for some reason - the colors and hint of vintage... Anyway, just gorgeous.


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