Saturday, November 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Home Edition

#33 Someone Praying or Meditating

Item #33 on my Scavenger Hunt 101 challenge is someone praying or meditating. What does praying have to do with the theme of "home"? Well, this father and daughter were bowing their heads in prayer at the dedication service of their new Habitat for Humanity home. My boyfriend participated on this build, and I attended the dedication with him.

ribbon cutting

After the ribbon cutting the father was moved to tears as he expressed his gratitude for all those who helped make this dream a possibility. The family, from Egypt, are hard working American citizens who only wanted a safe place to raise their children. The wife suffered through a long period of unemployment after the devastating flood that hit Nashville in May 2010. She worked at the Opryland Hotel which was closed for 195 days before it could be repaired. Six homes were dedicated that day and job loss due to the flood was a common theme.

I remember my own tears that flowed when I realized I was going to be able to purchase the home where I live now. After years of single motherhood and the financial devastation of of divorce, the preceding years had been tough. Slowly, after spending six years as a stay at home mom, I began to rebuild my life, my career, and income to the point where I could afford to buy a home.

The area where we were renting an apartment was getting increasingly dangerous, with shootings in the complex and the boys being harassed at the bus stop by punk teenagers. The perfect size and price house became available about a mile from my parents home, which gave my boys (and me) additional family support through their childhood which proved to be the best decision I could have made.

With a little down payment help from the folks, I was a homeowner one month after I first stepped foot in the door. I've been here for a little over 13 years now and I couldn't have done it without some help from family through the years and various setbacks. So many people don't have that safety net, so I'm glad there are organizations who can fill in those gaps.

I've had precious little time to spend at home lately, and this four day weekend has afforded me the opportunity to get some projects underway and regroup after what has been an increbilty hectic few weeks at the office. It also gave me a chance to catch a few Scavenger Hunt items that relate to my home.

Item #22 is "Your Bed" and this is mine:

#22 Your bed

The mattress could really use replacing, but I've managed to get a few more years of comfort out of it by recently upgrading my linens and adding 3 inch memory foam topper as well as a high loft down alternative mattress pad. For those of you who are counting there are seven pillows on top that you can see. There are four more for sleeping underneath - three feather pillows and one memory foam pillow. We girls do love our pillows. The moment I slide between those 500 threadcount sheets and snuggle down into my pillows, I'm in pure heaven. The only thing I want now is a down comforter to sleep under. After that, I may never leave my bed.

Item # 63 is a kitchen appliance and this one is my favorite:

#63 A kitchen appliance

Item #84 is the place where you eat most of your meals. For me, since I eat out a good bit, the most consistent meal of the day is breakfast. Most of the time, it is the same meal, cooked and eaten standing right here at this stove.

#84 The place where you eat most your meals

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for....

A roof over my head, a soft warm bed, and food in my belly.


  1. What beautiful moments you have captured...the intimacy of the father and daughter praying together is beautiful. And you have a lovely home! I know just what you mean about loving pillows. :)

  2. I giggle at the phrase, "I may never leave my bed" if only you had a down comforter to go with your pile of pillows! You tell such nice stories. Love the bit about your safety net that allowed you to buy your home. Good for you!

  3. Leanne, this is such a wonderful story, and these are such wonderful photos to go with it. Lovely--your home looks cozy and warm!


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