Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt on Sunday

# 48The tallest building in your town/village/city

Last Saturday, when my son and I went to see Corey Smith, I brought my camera along so I could capture one of my Scavenger Hunt 101 items - the tallest building in my town. The AT & T building is known to the locals as the "Batman" building because of its appearance. We went to Wal-mart the night before in search of a batman t-shirt (which we obviously found) and he good-naturedly posed for the shot. I did put the moon in later, but the image seemed to call for it. Bonnie's "Wicked" texture was also used post-processing.

Yes, I am bringing my whole family into the insanity, but they seem to be willing to go along for the ride. As I shot this image, people on the street below where we were standing were also taking photos of him. Thanks son, for humoring your mom.

The Tennessee Marine Family package Drive was a great success, with 201 care packages assembled and shipped off to our troops. It is quite an operation, and I'm always amazed by the mass of donations we receive and the number of volunteers who come to help.

Sometimes we get things that we cannot send like pork products or items that are quite large and take up too much room in the boxes. These go to a local women's shelter, so the kindness is still paid forward. However, sometimes we get some items that make us scrach our heads a bit and one in particular gave me #28 on my scavenger hunt list: An absurd predicament.

#28 An absurd predicament

What exactly were we supposed to do with Julio? In this digital music age, I can't imagine that there would any Marine or soldier that would actually have a cassette player, much less want to groove on some Julio Iglesias in their down time. I think someone was cleaning out their basement. What became of Julio, I do not know. Hopefully, he didn't make it into a box or some Marine or soldier is going to have a "WTF?" moment. Oh well, who knows, maybe it would bring a smile to their face, too.

Since we are on the subject of TMF and our troops, I chose this hoodie to represent#98 on the list - my favorite article of clothing. It truly is my favorite, not only for the sentiment but it is also extremely warm and comfortable. I practically live in this hoodie during the cold weather months.

#98 Your favorite article of clothing

Are you inspired to send a little love overseas to our troops this holiday season? If so, let me tell you about a little organization where you can get the name and address of a deployed Marine (they also have sites for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and coast guard) so you can send them a card, letter or even a care package. Go to and find out how.

Thiry Days Of ThanksToday I am thankful for ...

All the donations and volunteers who so generously gave of their time and money to bring a little holiday joy to our troops.

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  1. I'm addicted to checking into your daily posts! You tell such wonderful heartfelt stories. Thanks for sharing. I agree with someone in a previous post that the moon might just be your trademark. I'm sure you can figure out a way to put it in almost any photo--you may just have to experiment with size. Enjoy your Sunday.


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