Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sincerely Yours

Picture the Holidays Day 14 - Sincerely Yours

Thiry Days Of Thanks Picture The Holidays - Day 14

This is the one time of year where the near lost art of letter writing is revived. And even that might soon vanish with all the options of e-cards and email. As much I love e-everything, nothing can replace a greeting crafted by hand.

You are encouraged to slow down a little today and appreciate all the hand written epistles you come across. Whether they are to you, or from you, revel in the delight of letters and cards. Signed, sealed and/or delivered, capture sentiments crafted with love.

A few days ago Geri at My Heart Art posted a video about a great program sponsored by Pitney Bowes and the American Red Cross that gets Christmas cards and letters to our veterans. I wanted to spread the word myself, so I'm posting the video on my blog today as well.

As I sat down to write out my Christmas cards this year, I had plenty of my own patriotic greeting cards on hand, so I included these heroes on my card list as well.

In this electronic age, hand written cards and letters are indeed rare treasures. Like Deb Tisch, I do keep every one. Two very special ones to me are from my sons and they are permanently installed on the side of my refrigerator. Putting kid's stuff on the refrigerator is part of the mom DNA I think - even if they are grown up when the produce it.

Here's a broad view of the fridge which has mostly pictures of my sons and also last year's Christmas card from the Clark family in memory of their son Philip who gave his life on the last deployment. The photo of his gravestone was placed on the fridge by my son Adam after he visited with the family this past summer.

fridge 1

While we are sharing videos, here is a brief one featuring a Marine Corps/Toys for Tot's drive in honor of Philip.

Above him is my boyfriend's son, David, who died in Iraq before we met. The magnet is from the Tennessee Fallen Heroes Memorial ride we've been a part of organizing for the past few years, and the card is something I designed for one year's Tennessee Marine Family Gold Star Family banquet.

It seems the side of my fridge is becoming somewhat of a shrine to our boys who serve, although there is a pretty young woman mixed in there with them. :) (I'm talking about my daughter-in-law, not me!) I think that's a good thing. It may just be a photo or two stuck up on my fridge along side my beloved children, but these boys belong to all of us and I want to help their families remember in big ways and in small - even if its just a quick moment of mindfulness as I pass through my kitchen each day. These heroes will be noticed and their sacrifice considered by all who walk through my doors.

Zooming in a little closer, here is a card from Adam last Christmas. We are going to miss him so much this year.

fridge 2

And this one is from my son, Andrew. He sent me flowers for Mother's day one year and dictated this entire card to the lady who took the order. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune and couldn't get home. I wonder if she cried. I did.

fridge 3

Well, its time to stick a stamp on those cards and get them in the mail!

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  1. My cards should be arriving tomorrow so I'll be spending the weekend addressing! I do get a few ecards each year, but I much prefer the paper kind.

  2. What a great program! I love getting things in the mail, besides a bill!

  3. I so agree with you LeAnne.
    There is just something very special about a handwritten card or letter.
    This is a beautiful photograph!

  4. You are so right...the handwritten note is truly rare! I cherish what I have in my sons' handwriting and especially my dad's who is no longer with us.


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