Friday, December 30, 2011

A Toast!

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Picture the Holidays Picture The Holidays - Day 29

As the year draws to an end, we often look ahead to the New Year, making resolutions, setting intentions, eager for a fresh start. But today you are not going to toast to all that is to come, instead I'd like you look back on the year that's passed to honor the journey. Raise a glass (of whatever your magic elixir might be), sing a song, give yourself a hug, anything to celebrate you and where you've been. You've come a long way baby! And you made it.

Today's photo is one I've posted before, but it is featured here because it fits so well with this prompt.

There seems to be concensus among people I know or whose blogs I read that 2011 wasn't a very good year. Indeed it has been a tough one for a lot of us, with lots of unexpected twists and turns, but there were many joys to celebrate as well, such as:

  • My son Adam's wedding to the beautiful Katie who we love very much.

  • Reconnecting with quite a few family members and friends that I'd not seen or spoken to in awhile.

  • Lovely memories of time spent with my family, celebrations, meals and laughter.

  • Weekly dinner dates with my son Andrew and gratitude that he still enjoys spending time with his mom.

  • Crockett! Need I say more?

  • My dad's inspirational self-discipline in getting his diabetes under control, and my mom's example of supporting and encouragement.

And last, but not least, I'm so very grateful for what photography has brought to my life this year. None of what I'm doing now with my photographs, not even this blog, was on my radar in January 2011. I'm not even sure I can begin to predict what direction it will head this year, but the latter half of the year was a whirlwind of learning, meeting new photography friends, encouraging & being encouraged, and pushing my photography to a new level. I can't help but be excited when I think of what I might learn in 2012!

One of my favorite songs with a reflective theme for the dawn of a new year is Christine Kane's "Overjoyed." I'll share it with you today in hopes that you will pause and remember the joys that were in 2011, and consider how the sorrows that you may have endured are perhaps just a part of the bigger master plan for getting you where you need to be.

Let us "raise our glasses and toast the gods in charge of rearranging."

To my new photography pals, and my family and friends who encourage me daily, some even enabling my addiction (yes, I got a new 2.8 aperture lens for Christmas and money to buy software) - a toast!

May we all have a 2012 overflowing with joys, success, abundance, AND pleasant suprises!


  1. A happy, healthy and safe New Year to you and yours. So glad I found your blog and look forward to seeing where you take us in 2012!


  2. YOU are soooo lucky!! A new lens. Wow! I'm having lens envy. What I'd really like is a real macro lens, but there are other priorities now. Maybe I can get a new job that will support my habit. ;->


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