Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle


Thiry Days Of Thanks Picture The Holidays - Day 10

Twinkle lights, fantasy, wishing and whimsy; they are all a part of the season. The trick is translating the ambiance we see with our eyes and the glow we feel in our hearts into effective photographic images.

Don't be afraid to let the light in for shots that sparkle! An extra slow shutter speed (way beyond what you can normally hold by hand) can make for amazing photos that shine! Try capturing something today that twinkles!

My parents held a little dinner party last night and I was invited to come visit for a little while after. I'm still quite a bit under the weather and fought a headache most of the day so I haven't felt much like picture taking. So, I brought my camera along to try and catch some of their twinkle.

Grandog Crockett is tremendously fascinated with anything in my hands that is not him and getting any shot at all was difficult with him trying to nose the camera out of the way to lick my face. It wasn't the best circumstances to experiment with slow shutter speed.

But, I managed to get this shot of mom's teapot with the tree in the background. I went with the blur and processed it further to create a vintage feel. It isn't the most technically wonderful image, but there's something about the feel of it that I like. We'll see whatother twinkle I can capture this season before I make a final decision on what will go in the book.

I did manage to get some pretty decent shots of Mr. Crockett in front of the tree.



But all this posing and competing with the camera for attention got to him and he decided to pout.

You better not pout

I also wanted to get some good pictures of the crochet snowflakes on the tree that my grandmother made by hand, but I only managed to get a couple. Stay tuned - these will be making an appearance again later.

MaMa's snowflake

That's all for this Sunday morning. I'm going to go rustle up some breakfast and watch some CBS Sunday morning (about the only TV I watch anymore). Hope everyone has a blessed day.

All of today's images were processed using Topaz Labs Adjust.

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