Friday, January 6, 2012

Back in the Swing

goodness quote

What's not to love about Friday? It is the last day of the work week, and time for a little Photo Art! Photo Art Friday is one of my favorite linkups of the week, and I'm happy that we are back to it after the holiday break.

Thanks to our lovely hostess, Bonnie at Pixel Dust Studios, for today's texture entitled "Goodness." I always like to use her textures for Photo Art Friday, and this one was just right.

This sweet little teacup was located outside of the Blue Chair Cafe in Sewanee, TN and was captured on my visit there last October. The colors of this cup and the bokeh in the background fit in with the color scheme I've chosen for my "One Little Word" project, which will feature butterflies throughout.

The butterfly is a powerful and popular metaphor for transformation, but it also represents to me the bittersweet reality of mid-life and living out one's calling.

For all that a butterfly must go through to become what it is, the actual proportion of the time it has on earth to spread its wings and fly in glorious splendor is quite brief.

One may wonder if it is worth all the pain and struggle to grow and become what we are meant to be - especially in the not so pretty parts of the process.

One look at a butterfly flitting about - beautiful, happy and free and I know that it is. In fact, that is all there is to it really.

The challenge today at Pixel Dust is to choose our favorite piece of photo art from 2011. I would have to choose my very first contribution to Photo Art Friday, not because it is necessarily my best but it was the piece that really turned me on to PhotoArt. It was also the first piece I printed out on canvas at Fine Art America.

is the moon tired? or are you tired of the moon?

So much has changed about the way I live and work, and what I dream and desire since starting this blog and connecting with this community of photography bloggers and artists. It is hard to imagine what changes may be in store for the coming year, but I am looking forward to finding out!

Today's Linkups

Photo Art Friday


  1. The moon/tree picture is so atmospheric and evocative. I love it.

  2. Gorgeous effects! Both images are stunning.

  3. That second shot and your editing creates a piece of art I'd expect to find as an illustration in a children's book...Goodnight Moon? :) It's gorgeous!


  4. I think it's really hard to choose "best" pictures. Your moon image is so ethereal. Just love it ... still.

  5. These images are CLASS!
    Both of them are wonderful, but this moon edit is just out of thiw world.

  6. Both of these are wonderful LeAnne!
    I especially love the wonderful sense of mystery in the second one.
    I truly enjoyed reading this post.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful images and I love the words, yes! Thanks for sharing it is such a super cool photo!

  8. Leanne, You each of your photo creations. Here's to a wonderful 2012.

  9. Awesome photos. Great use of Bonnie's textures and that moon shot is mesmerizing.

  10. both photos are absolutely beautiful. I really always enjoy your work. thank you. kareninkenai


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