Sunday, January 22, 2012


simple tulips

This week's challenge over at Beyond Layers was to go minimalist and lighthanded with processing. I have a tendency to go heavy on the texture and love to use saturated, dark and moody tones in my photos, but I've also always admired Kim's flair for light, breezy, sigh-inducing stills.

She gave us a lovely texture named "Awaken" to work with, and this is the only texture used in the image. The final result seemed to awaken an immediate longing for spring in some of my flickr friends, so I believe the texture was aptly named. I'm ready for spring, too.

I also did some "light" tweaking in Topaz Labs and Photoshop Camera Raw as well.

I saw this little pot of tulips at my local Kroger and thought they would be the perfect subject, and for $3.99 it wasn't that hard to decide. I'll be planting them in my garden once it is time.

The stunning lighting was made possible by morning light streaming through the french door leading out from my walkout basement. And taking advantage of that light would have not been possible had it not been for my son's diligent efforts over the last three weekends to declutter my basement. He cleared enough space to make it possible to set up stills using that wonderful diffused light (I have sheers on the window for some privacy).

We still have a good bit of work to do, including some demolition of the half way started attempt to turn it into a basement apartment that the previous owner made, but I am beginning to visualize what an awesome studio/work area this could be. For a basement, the light is good and there's plenty of space.

I've lived in this house for thirteen years and imagineered many different uses for this space: a rec room for the kids (who have now moved out), an apartment that I could rent out, a bitchin home office, and even an tricked out master suite. I never had either the money or the time to execute any plans. Maybe it was just meant to be my studio. Who knows? All I know is that my tiny home office upstairs is not going to be big enough to house all my props.

My set up for this shot was simple - a piece of foam poster board on the floor by the door and the pot of tulips. Simple, easy, and effective.

The color story of red was driven by my participation in Magnetised by Life's Monthly Mosaic Challenge and this month's color theme of deep red. I'll be posting my mosaic next weekend.

Here's wishing everyone a "simply" wonderful Sunday.

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  1. Very nice LeAnne! MInimalistic is difficult , isn't it?? I have been thinking of building a light/white box for Kim's class. See right away that it could be very handy for simple.... Nice tulips! Jeanne

  2. Beautiful Leanne, simple yet very rich and stunning.

  3. Really lovely Leanne. Tulips are one of my favourite and I have decided until there is bloom in the garden I am going to treat myself to a bunch of something every week. This week was pink and white tulips. My excuse will be 'I need material for my beyond layers classes'. chat soon Miriam x


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