Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling Abstract

Centennial Collage

For today's PhotoArt Friday submission I decided to go all in with the abstract thing. The images in my photo are from my photography group shoot at Centennial Park - columns from the Parthenon, the lion and the face were from the main front doors, along with a little curly grass.

For texture, I used Pixel Dust PhotoArt's "Grunge" and "Artist" textures. After flattening the image, I gave it one go round with Topaz Lab's "Painting Bold" filter and then again with "Painting Venice."

I spent all my time creating photo art today, so no time for writing. Happy Friday!

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Photo Art Friday


  1. Well it looks like time well spent! Fantastic!


  2. Thanks Kathy...It was fun to go outside my normal style and try some new things.

  3. Looks fantastic. I like the different images you combined on your art piece.

  4. Good for's a great day when you can spend it making art. This is magnificent. Great composition.


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