Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Self Portrait

One Little Word - January Self Portrait

January's One Little Word Project calls for a self portrait to kick things off. So, here is mine with the template overlay from the class applied. The texture is from Pixel Dust Photo Art (Old Master Dust).

In addition, I'm participating in Urban Muser's "in the picture" self portrait project, so I'm linking this one up here.

Time is limited today as I am going to early services at church so I can attend a new photography group meeting. I'm really excited about meeting photography friends here locally.

Have a great Sunday!

Today's Linkups

In The Picture


  1. Well hello pretty woman! Can't wait to see where this self portrait project takes all of us.


  2. What a lovely self-portrait photo! :)

  3. This is a lovely selfie, LeAnne! Neat that you carried your flower "brand" over.

    Congrats on finding a local photo meeting. Have fun!

  4. Beautiful self portrait ...of a beautiful person!


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