Monday, January 9, 2012

Local "Wild" Life

centennial bird

Yesterday, I attended my very first photography group meeting. With all the fun and learning I'm having online, its easy to forget that there's a whole world of people right outside my back door with the very same interests (or obsessions, if I'm completely honest) that I have.

berry birdie

The attendance was fantastic, especially since this was a group that was reforming after going through a fallow period when the original leader moved away.

Centennial park trees

Edited to add: The image above made the top 5 at Shoot. Edit. Submit.

According to the stats, there were about 45 photographers there of all ages, skill levels, and interests ranging from people who just want to take better photos of their cat to professionals. There were point and shooters and those needing body guards to protect them and their expensive equipment while they are out shooting. I'm only sort of joking about the body guard, but one guy did say he had to ward off would be camera-jackers by pulling his hand gun on them.

After the meeting, some folks headed over to Centennial Park to shoot. It was overcast, which is better for mid-day shooting anyway. There's lots to shoot there, including a full scale replica of the Parthenon. Today's images are from that shoot.

parthenon tree frame

Some walked around in groups, but I ended up strolling along by myself. Groups are still a bit challenging for me since I'm rather introverted. I'm not particularly shy, but I am not necessarily good at jumping in uninvited. I'm sure I would have been welcome to walk along with any of the little groups ... its just my own weirdness that makes me hold back. It will get better as I attend more meetings and get to know people better.

Parthenon Down the Side

I think the groups will be good for me in this way. It is a whole lot easier to jump in with online groups, and it feels less socially risky. It would be very easy to let the virtual world become my whole world, so participating in these groups will help balance that out a little.

Parthenon Looking up

In fact, tonight I'm going to a new writer's group meeting. The subject is creative non-fiction and personal essay which is my genre of choice. When I saw the topic, I just knew it was a synchronistic opportunity "calling."

centennial bridge 1

Speaking of joining in, I'm linking up today with Lisa Gordon's Creative Exchange. I'll leave you with one more shot from Centennial Park and that's all for me today. Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!

droplets duck

Note: Many of today's images were processed using Topaz Lab's Adjust Filters.

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  1. I think the people from your photography group will be flocking around you very soon after they see your photos - my goodness, you took some gorgeous ones at the park. That second one of the bird with the berry in its mouth is amazing. Also love your third capture and all the clever perspectives of the parthenon. i think that's so good as you say to join a group in the real world, good on you, and that writer's group also sounds really interesting.

  2. I hope you will continue to enjoy your local photography club. The one I have joined here has been a great experience. Even though I love my online community it is great to speak in person to others with the same interest.

    As always, I love your photos here!

  3. Awesome bird pictures and beautiful architecture.

  4. These are beautiful photographs LeAnne, and it sounds like your group is just wonderful!! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a fantastic day!


  5. WOW... gorgeous images!
    If you don't link up with World Bird Wednesday meme then you really should - those birds are great.
    That replica of the Parthenon is beautiful. I would love to have subjects like tha to capture.

  6. Thank you for the suggestion Liz. I've seen the World Bird meme, and I totally forget to do it every time. I will make it a point to do it this week!

  7. Hi fantastic photographs, I liked your advice on
    Take care and good luck with the group.

  8. Hi LeAnne. I am part of the meetup but couldn't attend the meeting. It sounds like it went well and I'm glad. This group has been wonderful to me in the past and I have some literally some of my best friends through this group. I have enjoyed your pictures!

  9. Thanks everyone! I just added you as a contact on Flickr Rhonda...Hopefully our paths will cross at future meetups!

  10. Wonderful images, LeAnne. You're right, with everything that goes on online you can easily forget about the "real" people out there. Good for you to have met up with that group - and eventually you will feel more comfortable in joining with others, I'm sure. I'm a bit like you - and I also enjoy being on my own, especially when I take photos.

  11. Wow, your photos are stunning! I love the one with the bird and the berry in it's mouth - so sweet! I completely relate to the introversion thing...your camera club sounds awesome.

  12. All great photos but the bird with the berry in its beak is fantastic!

  13. these are great. I LOVE the one with the three tree trunks. thank you so much for linking up with show off your shot.

  14. Fantastic shots, Leanne! Gorgeous close-ups of the birds!

  15. Lovely images, Leanne! The bird shots are awesome.

  16. Hi Leanne, I do not believe that we have met. Your images are all very beautiful and you are so going to enjoy the birding community~ Cheers!

  17. An excellent selection LeAnne.
    I'm a bit like you; much prefer to wander on my own with a camera, usually.

    Love the idea of pulling a gun on camera-jackers. Shame we can't do that over here lol

  18. The second photo is terrific!

  19. I don't think it will be long before you have your own little group of hanger ons looking to emulate your wonderful sense of color and composition. Having a posse could end up developing into a new "woe"! Type A artistic folks do well making haste slowly integrating into groups. These folks are lucky to have you. Share your vision! ;-)WBW!

  20. Great captures! I am part of two photography groups nearby but I haven't been able to meet up with them lately. I am kind of like you as well. I am slightly introverted and shy. :)

  21. What gorgeous photos! I love the detail! I'd love for you to share these at my "Look Whooooo's Snapping" photo linky party going on now at "Life as this Mommy knows It"!

    p.s. - I'm your new GFC follower :)

  22. You are so good with the nature shots! You always impress me. Thanks for sharing your photo with HMA's Oh Snap!shots of the Week party. :)

  23. I really like your photos. First time at your site. I really like that you can see how you put your own twist into your photos. It makes them unique and they stand alone!


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