Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Little Word - First Thoughts

Center Hill Lake

Once again, I'm digging back to the November 2011 archives and pulling out this dock shot captured at Center Hill Lake while on a women's ministry retreat. Images like this are just made for Topaz Labs processing, which made the wood texture pop and warmed up the early morning sunlight. Since it is Texture Tuesday, I used Kim Klassen's "Canvas Magic" to give the image the look of a canvas print.

Ali Edward's One Little Word class is in full swing over at Big Picture Classes and I'm already being inspired by all the creative energy in that space. So many people have already knocked out the first assignment, but I'm going to give myself a bit more time to work with the prompts since we have a whole month to complete the assignments. I want to meditate a bit on the prompts and sit with them for awhile. Plus, taking my time gives me some time to soak up all the ideas and inspiration from the other participants.

When I signed up for this, I didn't realize that it was so heavily scrapbooking oriented. Some participants are going completely digital, and that is what I originally thought I would do as well. However, I see the value in having something to hold in my hands that is not only visually interesting, but also tactile and three dimensional. When I printed off my cover card, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed just holding it and looking at it. I imagine that over the course of the next twelve months, I'll be picking up my book again and again - reviewing, contemplating, and synthesizing.

Still, my comfort level is with digital processing and photography and I waffled on the decision to go completely digi or expand my horizons and try my hand at the scrapbooking. Ultimately, what I'll end up with here is a hybrid of sorts - mostly photos and digitally created patterns, using the recommended page protectors, following the format, with a few blingy things stuck here and there for dimension and a little hands on something other than a keyboard experience.

I landed at this decision in part because of my word, Calling, and a childhood memory. Long before desktop publishing in the olden days when typewriters were the only word processors and carbon paper was needed for a copy, I can remember sitting in my bedroom closet with paper and glue making literal "clip art" and pasting them to pages with text.

My guess is that I was somewhere around eight or nine years old at the time because I was still sharing a room with my sister. The closet was my little "studio" before I knew what a studio was and where I kept my supplies. I can't even remember what I was creating and I'm pretty sure I didn't intend to share it with anyone. I was just doing it for its own sake.

Now, when I think about it, its not surprising that I gravitated towards desktop publishing, web design, and now photography and digital art. I cannot remember a time when I didn't dabble in it somehow - volunteering to do newsletters, websites, and print design for various groups. Even in my current job, I love doing our website and creating marketing brochures, etc... even though technically it is NOT my job at all. Whatever I was doing in that closet, I believe, was an innate interest in arranging art and text together to communicate a message.

One of the prompts for One Little Word asks us to choose a quote that uses our word. This one fits perfectly with my line of thinking at this time:

“We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.”

- Abraham Maslow

That is what this year is about for me. It isn't about deciding what I want to be when I grow up or reinventing my career, it is looking to my life story for clues about what my life work is. Perhaps I've already figured out the medium (mostly) and what's left to determine is the message and the method.

But, I don't want to jump the gun here. This year is also about discovery and if every previous year of my life is any indication, there are sure to be many unexpected twists and turns in the road.

Looking forward to the adventure!

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  1. a mighty beautiful image. Silly me never heard of Topaz. I really need to step up my game. I find it so interesting what people choose as their word. Calling will certainly provide lots of ops for you. Best of luck with your new class.

  2. Beautiful perspective and lighting. I'm not taking Ali's class because it seemed more scrapbook oriented to me than I wanted...but picked a word anyway and am going to explore it on my own....Nourish. Looking forward to seeing where "Calling" leads you. So full of possibilities.


  3. Really a great shot and I love the intensity of the edit.

  4. What a beautiful picture! Lovely colors and contrasts. Have a great week.

  5. Wow, this is a gorgeous shot! I'm stopping by from the Blogaholics New Years blog hop :)

  6. This photo is stunning! The color and texture are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great blog! I am a new follower from BSN

    my site is http://our365days.blogspot.com

  8. Beautiful picture!

  9. a lovely shot, the light is just divine.
    I had fun introspecting and choosing my word this year. It is 'perceive'
    All the best with your projects this year!

  10. Love your image, seems like a perfect place for a retreat!
    Blessings Suzanne

  11. Fabulous shot and love the editing process...wow.


  12. beautiful. love the colors and all the different textures - wood grain, water, tress, sky.

    stopping by from sweet shot tuesday

  13. spectacular...so pretty-pulls me in!


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