Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resting in Pieces


The challenge for this month's In the Picture self-portrait theme is "a piece of me." In other words, closer shots of the little parts that make up the whole. Today's piece, is just the top of my head wrapped in a warm, soft blanket (which happened to be a Christmas gift from my aunt) and expresses exactly what I've wanted to do most this weekend.

The blanket just happens to be the right color for the Monthly Mosaic challenge over at Magnetised by Life. This challenge coincides with a color and theme for the month.

For January, the color is dark red and the theme is health and committment. It is always a challenge for me to get adequate rest because and it eventually catches up to me - like this weekend. Part of my committment to better care of my health begins with a good, regular, and adequate sleep.

And with that, I'm very late in the evening with this post and it is already past my bedtime. Nite Nite!


  1. love reading about your image here Leanne, hope you are getting your much needed rest!

  2. What a lovely capture...beautifully intimate. I hope you had sweet dreams! :)


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