Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sadness Flies Away

sadness flies away

Today's quotography theme is sadness, and there is very little photography in this image save the clock face (from my dad's collection). It turned out a little dark, so I may work on it a little more later and submit it as some sort of encouragement greeting card to make available at Greeting Card Universe.

Speaking of GCU, I should be receiving my first commission check from them shortly. It will be approximately $78, and most of that is from sales of the patriotic greeting card I created benefitting the LCPL Franklin N. Watson Scholarship fund. I'll be happily sending that money along (along with a personal donation) as soon as I get it.

In terms of money made with my art, the GCU avenue has definitely been the clear winner. The only thing I've sold on Fine Art America has been to myself. I'm doing very little to market myself there anyway. But, some of you have asked how that's going and I wanted to report back to you.

I got a call yesterday for a small free lance web design gig that I'm excited about. More details will be forthcoming later, as well as a discussion of my web design history and aspirations.

Macro & Monochrome  {EXPLORED}Even more exciting was finding my very first photo made it to Flickr Explore! This is sort of the grand prize for flickr photogs. There's no money or prize except for that huge adrenaline rush that courses "feel good" hormones through your entire body. That's a pretty good prize. Please may I have some more?

It is my understanding that it is quite difficult to get a photo to Explore and its not always the best photos that make it because there's a complex super secret algorithm that determines what they call "interestingness." There are several sites that explain (as best they can) how this all works, and here's one I found.

You might be wondering if you've had a photo make it to Explore. Flickr doesn't tell you, and unless you notice it or someone congratulates you you may not know it. You can find out by using Big Huge Lab's "Scout" service, which is how I found mine. It is sort of ironic that I searched for the very first time the DAY AFTER my image made it.

Finally, it is World Bird Wednesday over at Pine River Review and I'm picking this Robin shot last spring while on personal retreat.

Red Robin building a nest

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  1. And a wonderful Robin image this one is!

  2. Love the image and quote.
    Cute little bird. Well captured.

  3. Both images are beautiful - I love the quote. Congrats to you on getting your photo featured on Explore!

  4. Congrats on Explore....and I do like your sadness greeting card. Would be lovely for someone getting over the loss of a loved one a few months after the event. I have a friend in that boat and try to drop her emails or telephone every now and then "just cuz".
    There's another poem a friend shared with me about crying. It's sort of silly really, but the last line is filled with depth; it says something like "the happiness is in the last tear".
    Hope the sales of cards continue and expand for you.

  5. I think your card is lovely, and lightened a bit would be perfection. I adore that robin photo. It sings to me, no pun intended. I am longing for spring and this little feathered guy will be the signal when he comes chirping at my door!

  6. That bird is beautiful and the photo is so crisp and vibrant - love it!

  7. Very arty! I love it! It would most definitely make a lovely greeting card. BTW, I love your robin photo! I've been trying to get some pics of the's not easy.

  8. That is a great quote. Congratulations on having a photo receive such recognition.

  9. Congrats on making Explore! I knew that photo was special!
    I love the Robin!

  10. Love your capture of the busy robin,your" sadness flies away" would look beautiful on any greeting card,phyllis in Pa

  11. ;-)WBW!
    Congrats on your recognition, your pictures are beautiful indeed. You've got a remarkable eye!

  12. A great shot of the Robin Leanne! I have never seen an American Robin building a nest. Great catch!


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