Thursday, January 26, 2012


red peppers

In January the weather is supposed to be frightful, but the kind of fright we've had is not snow, cold and ice. Rather, it has been a lot of unseasonably warm temperatures and all night tornado warning vigils.

Winters in Tennessee aren't all that beautiful. Everything is just sort of brown and gray, and we don't get that much snow if at all. Although Monday evening the sunset was so spectacular that all my local friends were taking pictures and posting them on facebook. And, I...I did not have my camera with me. Lesson learned.

Anyway, it looks like this may be one of those snowless winters, although the way the weather in Nashville is we may get a blizzard somewhere around the end of March. This morning as I took Grand-dog Crockett out for his morning constitutional the weather was downright balmly.

Regardless of what mother nature may or may not have in store for us this winter, my intention in this season was to focus more on indoor shooting - specifically still life compositions. Today's image, which will be shared over at This or That Thursday was shot in my newly cleaned out basement "studio" if you can call it that. One day, I'll post a picture of what it really looks like.

The textures are Kim Klassen creations (Paper 4 and Granny's Cupboard) and as usual, I did a lot of adjusting in Topaz Labs. Speaking of Topaz, they offer some really great tutorials and free online webinars that have been very helpful. Of the three I've participated in so far, they've had a drawing for a free license for the product they are discussing. If you are curious about Topaz, visit their web site and see all the great information they provide, online training and free trial versions.

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  1. Beautiful picture, I love the color and shape of peppers.

  2. It looks like you are going to make something scrumptious with that gorgeous pepper!

  3. Beautiful image! The textures look wonderful! Makes it look like a lovely painting.

  4. Wow you've made something pretty "ordinary" look very extrordinary! I like this a lot.


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