Friday, January 20, 2012

Where Will I Find the Time?

Do you have the time?

I don't know if you can really buy time, but my dad certainly is trying with his collection of clocks. Oh that finding time would be as easy as raiding my parents' upstairs closet.

Obviously, I'm later than usual with today's post, but I hate to miss PhotoArt Friday, so I'm coming in under the wire with this one. I can't say I spent a lot of "time" on it.

Feeling the frustration due to lack of time, I took some photos of my dad's clock collection and threw them all together with Bonnie's "Off Kilter" (also apt for today) and came up with this bit of abstract photo art. Topaz Labs Simplify and Adjust also went into the soup.

And since I'm running short on time today and plan a longer post for tomorrow, I'm going to get myself on out of here and so I can have a hot date in with a little vino (Dorian said I deserved it, so there) my camera and try something a bit "simpler" for my Beyond Layer's challenge.

Happy Friday to all and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I was wondering where you were, but then I've got time to burn right now. Since I don't start my new job until Wednesday, I get to relax, surf the net, play with pictures, write, meet with friends, watch movies ... ok, there's my list of what I love to do with my time. With that said, I understand your frustration because my project have multiplied and I'm finding it harder and harder to keep up with my photo-phriends! ;->

  2. This is one delicious, 'timely', photo-art soup LeAnne. Great work! Enjoy your date and the vino and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to link up with Photo Art Friday!

  3. If you're speaking of me, yes I did say you deserved it!! I'm a big fan of vino helping all things at the end of the day. If you're not speaking of me....well, I double the sentiment.
    Love this-the layers are beautifully colored-delicate and soft. My father also has a clock collection. Wish I could find more time too. The older I get, the less time there seems to be and the less sense it seems to make.

  4. I just joined "Beyond Layers" too...funny...we should have double date and my wine could have joined you and yours to master our "simpler" photos :)


  5. Came out pretty neat for just throwing it together :) Looks like a really neat collection! I love old clocks and time pieces. Great blending and texturing.

  6. It came out wonderfully - beautiful effects! And wow, your Dad's clock collection is awesome.

  7. Very much like this; wonderful color choice and great processing. Very nice challenge. Thank you for sharing. [Smiles, am in Beyond Layers, also.] Karen

  8. An awesome collection of clocks. The look and feel of the piece is just perfect for our time poor bloggers.

  9. the lack of time can be very frustrating. I completely agree. I hope you can catch up over the weekend.

  10. Hey Leanne, love your image, it is quite surreal with all of the clocks. They appear to be floating. very cool!
    Blessings Suzanne

  11. Awesome piece of Photo Art. I really like this.


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