Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clues to My Calling

Adam and Katie

The primary motivation for our trip to Topsail was so I could capture a beach shot for my Scavenger Hunt 101 challenge. Of course, I couldn't resist taking some shots of my son and his wife. The lighting was great and the ocean served as a wonderful backdrop.

As soon as I posted the photo on facebook, a friend of mine commented that I had found my new career. I'm not necessarily looking for a new career, but being mindful of my word for the year, I took her comment as a possible clue on the road to finding my "calling" - at least in photography terms.


Could portrait photography somehow figure into the big picture? (Pun intended.) Photographically, I'm drawn in many directions. However, I must admit I love to take portraits of my family and friends. Certainly, this is an area that I can study and practice easily as I have some beautiful models to work with. :)


I'm looking forward to my son being home in March and hope that the light and the weather will be good enough for us to take some good family portraits when we are all together.


  1. Certainly one of your many talents and one of the options open to you. Who says you have to limit yourself to one? :-)

  2. You do a really nice job on portraits. Love the one of your daughter-in-law! I have not done so well in that arena and generally don't like portrait photography ... probably because I'm not comfortable doing it. I guess I either need to do more of it (to get comfortable) or stick with macros and close-ups. Enjoy your time with the kids!!!

  3. You certainly have the gift...all of your photos are stunning. Beautiful images!


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