Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the Trees

blown away

Today's Quotography challenge theme is "trees" so I took my camera to the park across the street from work to see what I could capture on my lunch hour - hoping to add to my cache of bird shots for World Bird Wednesday as well.

I hit the bird jackpot in a little section of brush beside a creek. Dozens of birds were flitting around playfully in the branches along with some squirrels. I was so excited when I caught this unlikely pair perching together. Unfortunately, the walkers on the trail were as intrigued by my camera as I was with the birds and just had to stop and chat me up about it - scaring them off before I could get a good steady shot.


Can someone tell me why people (perfect strangers no less) want to talk to you when you are clearly concentrating on photographing something? It's not like I was casually walking around lugging a camera. I was intensely focused on what I was doing. Surely, they must have seen that I was trying to photograph the birds, which do not sit and patiently wait for me to finish my conversation. Am I being ungracious and antisocial or does anyone else get really frustrated with this? With that big lens, I must appear to be more interesting than the Dos Equis dude.

After they left I positioned myself on top of a concrete pillar and sat very still until the birds came back - chickadees, titmice (titmouses? titmece?), cardinals (male and female) blue jays, and woodpeckers. At one point I counted about eight cardinals peeking out from behind branches. It is really hard to get close to a cardinal and my photographs of them never seem to be terribly sharp. I think it has something to do with that rich color and that they are always hiding behind branches that create depth of field issues.

So, anyway... I definitely stocked up on bird photos and today I'm sharing this Tufted Titmouse for World Bird Wednesday. If I'm wrong in my identification of this bird, let me know!

tufted titmouse

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  1. Nice shots...your patience paid off for the bird photos...they are great!

  2. I have seen cardinals and bluejays in the same place but usually the bluejay flys. Even though your shot may have been unsteady due to the interruptive strangers I like the shot. Your titmouse image with the wonderful bokeh background is lovely!!
    I just wonder why people can't wait until they see you are finished photographing.

  3. The little Tufted Titmouse is adorable - great pose!

  4. I have loved e. e. cummings poetry for a long time and I love your pictures. I saw my first titmouse this winter and I saw a pair of Juniper Titmouse. What a treat.

  5. That is one hell of a thicket to give you such an amazing double down. What a catch!
    Yeah, I know what you mean, people want to my musician days people loved to come up and ask questions in the middle of a song like you had two brains or something. There are a few people out there that can play and carry on a conversation I am not one of them. Yep, to have a encounter like you did and have it blown by a curious passerby is a drag but try to be nice, it will increase your bird karma I promise you!
    Oh, and E.E. Cummings, great choice!

  6. It's amazing what can be found in the tress:)
    Lovely shots!

  7. Love the tree and quote together. It's perfect. I have been bird watching lately and have tried to get some photos. It is not easy so I commend you on getting these excellent shots!! Love them!

  8. Wow I just love this shot of your Tufted Titmouse- I love birds, so this is right up my ally! So pretty!

  9. What a wonderful walk in the park!! Brilliant captures. It certainly would be frustrating to be interrupted while intensly focussed on bird photography.


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