Friday, February 24, 2012

It Ain't Pretty

Scavenger Hunt 101 # 37 - A work of Art

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I didn't think this angel statue was particularly pretty. In fact, it was a bit frightening in a way. Since today's Pixel Dust Photo Art challenge was to show a piece of photo art that wasn't pretty, so I thought this fit the bill. Maybe I'm being a little harsh. She sure is interesting and does have a certain charm about her.

I used Bonnie's "Heavenly" texture on this one because it seemed appropriate for an angel. She's doing double duty as a "piece of art" for my Scavenger Hunt 101 challenge.

This angel stands outside a folk art shop called The Lemon Fair in Sewanee, TN

Also, not pretty is a dirty tractor, but construction equipment is also a scavenger hunt item, so there we go. One of my neighbors is doing some pretty extensive landscape work around their house. I'm sure they must wonder why on earth I wanted to take a picture of their tractor.

Scavenger Hunt 101 # 70 - Construction Equipment

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  1. Your angel isn't pretty, but she sure is interesting. Always thought 'pretty' was over-rated - I prefer interesting any day. Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday LeAnne!

  2. Very interesting angel, indeed! She looks a bit I do love the primitive look of folk art, though - thanks for sharing this interesting capture.

  3. Wow that is one interesting Angel indeed. Lots of great color and texture add to her mystic.

  4. Excellent photos and post-processing.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. I think you hit it on the mark! You have a fantastic photo that fits everything the challenge asks for!

  6. I do like the scrap metal angel!

  7. Fascinating, in a macabre sort of way.
    Well chosen for our assignment this week.

  8. I would have taken a picture of this scrap angel. Your image is so richly colorful. Love it.


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