Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

the future

So are the days of our lives...

Sometimes life feels a bit more like a soap opera than I would like.

For today's Texture Tuesday challenge, Kim wanted to see what we could do with her lovely "Felicity" texture. This one was an instant fave, and given its ornate nature, I knew I needed a simple subject.

After returning from my morning walk, I noticed an hourglass peeking out from among items belonging to my son's girlfriend. She is getting ready to move out of the country for her job and is staying with us until she leaves for training next week.

I asked her if she minded me taking a picture of it, and she gave me permission and told me it was left to her by her grandpa. She knew he brought it back from another country, but didn't know many details about it. It is precious to her and I'm grateful she allowed me to photograph it.

My time is up for today. Once again, I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement. It has meant the world to me.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kathy...it was so cloudy out and whe the clouds moved away and revealed that shadow I almost dropped my camera in excitement. :)

  2. Leanne, your work is awesome!!!

    1. Thanks Steve. I'm so glad Lisa introduced you via her blog. I adore your work!

  3. Wow! This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And the quote - oh my gosh, it's just perfect.

  4. This is really beautiful LeAnne, and I just love that shadow.
    So nicely photographed and processed!

  5. Great shot. I love the shadow in there.


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