Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Family Portraits

Andrew, Elizabeth & Crockett

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was a big day for photography. The light outside was bright, which created an awesome environment for taking stills in my basement "studio." My goal was to have a week's worth of photos for the upcoming prompts and linkups ahead of time so I am not tempted to sacrifice sleep to get my blog out each day.

Of course, the world would not come to an end if I missed a day. In fact, there would be no ramifications whatsoever. This is a hobby for goodness sake, so why the pressure? Don't ask me.

My eldest son's girlfriend, Elizabeth, left yesterday to begin manager training at the restaurant chain who has been her employer for the last six years. Her job will eventually take her overseas after she completes her training. I wanted the opportunity to photograph them together so we planned a little session at grandma and grandad's place.

The image above cracks me up because grandog Crockett is clearly smiling for the camera. :)

Andrew & Elizabeth

Since Andrew is working nights, it was high noon before he woke up and the light was harsh. But, the lighting was pretty good and diffused in the barn so we took our shots in there.

Andrew & Elizabeth

We had fun playing around and getting funny shots. Crockett seemed to know just how to play his part.


Crockett was looking especially lovely from his trip to the doggie spa (aka the groomers) on Friday. I captured this portrait on the back deck. The light was so bright that it washed out most of the background anyway, so I used Topaz BW effects (hand tinted chiffon) to go ahead and take care of the background. I can see additional possibilities here for painterly effects and textures to really make a nice pet portrait.

crockett portrait

It is beginning to look like spring around here, and Crockett and I will leave you today with that happy thought.

crocket daffodils

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  1. Love that you're enjoying portraiture so much. You're doing such a nice job at it. Nice to "meet" your family. Take care, LeAnne.


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