Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Art Friday and a New Linkup

vellum and cream chiffon

I'm hitting the road today, so this will be brief. Today's PhotoArt Friday theme is Surprise. I'm not sure that today's image is all that surprising in terms of style, but what surprised me most about this one was what happened when I pulled the image into Topaz Labs BW effects plug-in.

But, this image is not black and white, you say? Surprise! I was surprised, too by how versatile this plug-in actually is and there are plenty of presets that incorporate tones in addition to desaturing the colors as well. The preset I used (with a little tweaking, of course)is called "Hand Tinted Chiffon" and I just love what it did for this hyacinth.

I'd looked at the BW plugin, but didn't know what it could do until I sat in on a a free webinar sponsored by Topaz (they have these all the time). Now, I like it almost as much as Adjust 5. It is really powerful.

If you are on the fence about investing in Topaz, you might enjoy participating in one of their free webinars. In the last one I attended, they gave away TWO Topaz Bundles away. Even if you don't buy Topaz, you will probably still learn a lot about post processing. Being a a relative newbie, it helps to see what effects people can try to achieve and why.

Bonnie's new texture "Vellum" was just perfect for this piece. The look I was going for was something along the lines of

While visiting Deb Duty's blog this week, I came across another intriguing linky party hosted by Leaves in Bloom entitled Color Me Weekly. The challenge is to create a color palette from a photograph.

I used Adobe Kuler to create my palette and special thank you goes out to The Coffee Shop Blog for the colorboard template that I used for this.

colorboard lavender cream chiffon

And with that, I'm outta here. Will be back as soon as I can.

Today's Linkups

Photo Art Friday


  1. Wonderful, I like using Topaz and that B/W chiffon is amazing I will sometimes add a layer mask and bring in a little more colour.

  2. Stunning! I absolutely love the "aged" colors in this photo.

  3. This is lovely. I have some Topaz plug-ins, but not the b&w - gotta check that out!

  4. That is so beautiful with the texture added. Thankyou so much for joining in with Color Me Weekly.

    I totally agree with what you've said about Topaz Labs - I have every single plugin of theirs, use them all the time and am always on the webinars.

    leavesnbloom studio

  5. This hyacinth photo is gorgeous; I can smell that heavenly scent.
    Wonderful processing
    and I will check out the Topaz Labs' videos. (Thank you)

  6. I like the colors in this picture. Very nice.

  7. So pretty. It has a wonderfully soft, vintage feel that is very appealing.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Adore the work and the color palette you created with your lovely editing. I would decorate a bedroom with those calming colors. Thanks for linking up with Photo Art Friday LeAnne. Hope you have a wonderful reunion!!!

  10. oh so lovely, LeAnne. Deserving of oooo's and aaaah's!! Best to you as you gather up your son once again. ;->

  11. Wonderful work.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. Very lovely work and love the swatches on the side. Thank you. visiting from PAF.


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