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If you haven't figured out by now, my big road trip this weekend is for my son's homecoming from Afghanistan! The photo above was taken the day he left, hugging his sweet wife of 11 days goodbye. I've got my camera ready to capture that happy welcome home hug! :)

We hit the road tomorrow, and the good news/bad news part of it is that my other son will have to stay behind. After months of trying to find a job, he started not one, but two new jobs this week. I'm so proud of him for sticking with his search, even though I know it was discouraging at times. He and his girlfriend Elizabeth, grandma, and grand-dog Crockett will be holding down the fort at home while grandad, Mrs. Thomas and I go get our boy. I can hardly wait.

This has been a tough deployment. There have been many many injuries and casualties, even up until the final days of the deployment. My thoughts and prayers are with those families at this time, and also those lost on the last deployment. These Marines will not be forgotten and we hold them in our hearts always.

He will have the whole month of March off to spend with family, but first, he along with a group from his squad will first be traveling through Florida, Georgia, and East Tennessee to visit the families of their fallen brothers. That's what these guys do - they take care of their own and their families. It makes me proud as a mother, and also as an American.

Now that the boys are out of country, pictures are beginning to be uploaded to facebook of their time there. This image was taken of their Thanksgiving dinner. Adam told me they'd saved any sort of Thanksgiving type food items they received in care packages and pooled them together in anticipation of their "feast." They bought some turkeys at the local market and by all reports, it was awesome. Sort of puts the whole gratitude thing in perspective doesn't it?

So, I have a busy day at work and I'm not sure how much time I'll have for blogging over the next week, but you can be sure there will be lots of family pictures showing up here very soon.

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  1. Wow - what an amazing photo! My niece's hubby is a Marine and he's over there now,...his 2nd or third deployemnt. Last time he went, his 2nd child was born and his wife went through chemo and happily he was able to come home to a healthy, happy family - so it's not easy on these men and women to be away for so long - that's for sure. I'm glad you get to see your son soon!! What a magical feeling!!

  2. Oh bless your heart. My son was deployed there a few years ago. I know all the emotions you are feeling.

    Praying for his safety and his all his guys, especially for the families that have lost sons.

    Great pictures!!

  3. I am so touched...and so happy for you and your family! When I look at your photos, I'm at a complete loss of words...every image is so poignant. Have a wonderful trip and I'm sending good wishes and many thank you's to your son!

  4. Oh wow, I always tear up reading these post.

    Please thank your son for his service. I am in awe of all in the military.

    Happy for you and your family that you get to welcome him home!

  5. Love the photo and so happy he's coming home! I'm sorry to hear that there were a lot of losses in this most recent deployment. My heart goes out to the families. Big hugs and please thank your son for me - I'm proud of him and thankful to you and your family for the sacrifices you all make.

  6. A HUGE THANK YOU to your son. This photo brings tears to my eyes- my brother is over there right now. I sadly found myself scanning the second shot- thinking maybe my brother might be in that group. Then I realized that if he were- he would probably be coming home too. We still have 5 more months to go.

  7. Safe journey! You will be in my heart and thoughts.

  8. LeAnne: I'm so happy for you that Adam will be home soon. You have every reason to be a proud Mama. You have raised two fine young men! laf

  9. Oh I'm so happy for all of you! I look forward to seeing the wonderful homecoming pictures. Definitely an exciting weekend for you all!

  10. Happy, happy, happy for you and yours! Please tell your son thank you for his service and sacrifice from me.



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