Thursday, February 9, 2012

This And That Scavenger Hunt Catch-up

# 25 An Extravagant Drink

I'm still participating in the Scavenger Hunt 101 Group at Flickr and this week provided me with several of the sought for items. I specifically waited for my son's homecoming to capture item #25 - an extravagant drink.

The formal name is "Mi Cabana Happiness" but we call it the Happy Pineapple. With a pricetag of $10 a pop, and some unknown (but positively delicious) "secret ingredient," I'd say it qualifies as extravagant. They are so big they have to serve them in a pineapple and a glass. We had these before the guys deployed and I promised that we'd have happy pineapples on me when they returned. Best money I ever spent! :)

#20 A Beach

Taken at Topsail Beach.

#20 A beach

#55 Someone with bare feet

My son was good humored enough to try "leaping" for me in the surf. Hopefully he's good humored enough to take it well when he sees it posted here. :)

#55 Someone With Bare Feet

#62 A public display of affection

We all know what this is about now. :)

#62 A public display of affection

#91 Something dirty

These are my son's boots and the do-rag I sent him in a care package while he was deployed. The do-rag was a giveaway from the Tennessee Marine Family Fallen Heroes Memorial ride that I'd saved for him. He said he wore it every day. You would not believe the smell of his clothing!

#91 something dirty

Today, we make the 12 hour drive home. I'm taking Friday off work and will definitely be sleeping in, so my PhotoArt Friday submission will probably be late. See you on the flip side!

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  1. Great shots, and safe travels home! Your son looks soooooo happy to be home.

  2. I'm doing this too. Slowly but surely. I have about 20 items left. Unfortunately, the ones that seem difficult to me.
    Love the barefeet shot.

  3. So beautiful LeAnne - I'm so happy for your whole family. I dedicated a post to you and another blogging buddy who has a son in the military.

  4. They are all fantastic shots but the beach shot is above and beyond amazing!


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