Sunday, February 5, 2012

Two Home and One to Go

mike and kevin

We were able to attend the homecoming of the second of the "Tennessee Three" yesterday returning from this deployment. Today's photo shows the happy reunion of the first two, Kevin and Michael.

These two young men have been best friends with my son since high school and went to boot camp, infantry school, and have deployed twice to Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion Sixth Marines. It was in bootcamp that they were dubbed the "Tennessee Three" because they loved to tell stories about their lives back home.

They were assigned to three companies so they don't see eachother while deployed. Since Kevin came home a month early, this was the first time he'd seen Mike since they left last July.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will be greeting my son and we will have the trio all back on American soil once again. There have been some weather issues and our times have changed several times. That's the reality of life as a military family.

As joyful as the anticipation and celebrations are, I can't help but be mindful of those families whose loved ones will not be coming back. I'm not sure who should be credited for this image, but it was created in honor of those lost on this deployment.

The injuries were high this deployment and and a noticable difference between yesterday's homecoming and the last was the number of obvious wounded warriors that were there to greet their brothers this time.  We need to remember them in our continued prayers as well.

Here's hoping my blog Tuesday morning will be all about a happy homecoming.


  1. My prayers are with you and all of those effected, LeAnne. In my lifetime, my father's assignments were all peacetime, so I didn't really get this side of the picture on such a personal note. Thanks for helping me be more mindful.

  2. I love this image you've shared. That is pure happiness and relief. Keeping you in my thoughts for a wonderful day tomorrow. You are a brave Mom.

  3. Thanks for sharing this powerful moment.It's a big day for you tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers for a safe return!

  4. Will be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and looking forward to those wonderful photos!!

  5. LeAnne - The first photo gave me such a joyful feeling inside and then I was struck with a deep sadness when I saw the beautiful faces of those that were lost. I am so thankful for the sacrifices your whole family makes. God bless you all.


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