Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unidentified Flying Object

Unidentified flying object

For World Bird Wednesday, I thought I'd throw this little guy out there for possible identification. Today's photograph was taken in Sewanee, TN last April.

I was so hoping that I would have a bald eagle to show this week, and the small group that went in spite of the iffy weather forecast did indeed spot some and have the photos to prove it. Durn it. Maybe someday.

Speaking of weather, the theme for this week's Quotography challenge is weather. We've been having a good deal of weather this week. Snow, rain, thunderstorms, hail, and warm sunshine. Mother nature can't seem to make up her mind exactly what season she wants to be in right now. I captured a few snow shots on Sunday, and (fingers crossed) this will be all the snow we see this year.

This little copper sunflower almost looks like she's saying "Yea! Snow!" Yea...whatever. :)


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  1. Wow, the first shot is awesome!

  2. Love the White breasted nuthatch!

  3. Nice shot! I love watching the nuthatches go up and down the trees.

  4. Thanks for identifying the bird! I thought it was really pretty, but had no idea what it was!

  5. Wonderful capture of the nuthatch! I agree with you....the flower petals look like arms waving in excitement that it is snowing!

  6. That is a lovely quote. I'd also love to have that sunflower in my yard...snow and all!

  7. Your little Nuthatch is a beauty...


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